Returning player looking for a new home

I was very active player at 2019 but got burned out and left after + - year or playing. Now getting back into game from 0.

I would like to find a corp/ali/player/s that would be interested at long-term-ish hauling relation. I would like to start from 0 and grind my reputation as trustworthy/dependable/acknowledged hauler. Looking for a place with a lot of work to do. I’m focused for time being on small-sized m3 ( 600 m3 max ) HS + LS, i don’t have any problem with any amount of work/trips/jumps.

I know about PX/RF and public CC but i’m not able to feed two omega accounts nor my sanity can handle that. PCC are kinda ’ empty ’ to do. I would like to be part of community and of course, having a lot of work to do!

I’m active daily - 16:00 ST to 22:00 ST ± ( depends how tired am i from the work ).

you are welcome with us
join our discord :grinning:

o7 Hope you are well after having a read of your post I’d appreciate it if you read mine and see what you think, I think you would be a awesome fit for us, if not thanks and best of luck o/

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