Immortalis [10101] - Shadow Cartel Recruitment Info

We are Immortalis Inc, the executor corp of the Shadow Cartel alliance, one of the oldest existing lowsec groups formed in November of 2008.

Our group has been around the block a few times both at the top and bottom feeders. (now somewhere in the middle), presently we are orientated around a more mature core base of gamers who have real life and use Eve as a way to relax and have fun with old friends of 10+ years, our group no longer plays to be the big dogs as such anymore but more to be able to hold our own in a fight and have fun while doing so, we are recruiting like-minded individuals who want to pew and relax with others.

So what can we offer?

  • Consistent fleets led by some good FC’s
  • A highly experienced Core membership and Leadership Team who are always willing to answer any questions you may have
  • Generous SRP programme
  • FC incentive with a Plex for FC program (if you run a consistent fleet every week, we pay your sub, no matter how many people attend)
  • Multiple ways of producing ISK from Lvl 5 Access, SOE Missions and no PI tax on our extensive poco network.
  • Excellent in house bespoke IT, auth, tools etc.
  • We pay our alliance members to probe, many members earn multiple subs worth of isk probing for the alliance and adding to our in house mapping tool.
  • Freight Service with daily Jita trips
  • Last but not least a place where you will feel welcome most of our members are very social and friendly and are always willing to have a joke and while despite being pirates, we try to fall on the nicer side of eve.

So what exactly are we looking for in you?

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive group despite our -10 status and so will not tolerate prejudice and expect our members to adhere to this and most importantly always keep their word.

We have no strict activity requirements and no CTAs however we expect you to have the time to join us on fleets where possible.

We encourage you to have alts, be it capital, link, hauling, cyno, probing and strongly encourage multi-boxing in fights.

Ideally you’ll need to have 30m+ Skill Points or be able to fly something in most of our doctrines.
( to know what these are please speak with a recruiter dependent on your Timezone )

To get started

First off join “Immortalis-Public” ingame for personal recruitment. or leave a Eve Mail with
“Captain Rogers Mangeiri” or " Janstina Urthadar ".

We are also interested in recruiting corps with a minimum 10 active members, for Corp Recruitment use “Shadow Cartel Public” channel and speak with a appropriate person or Evemail W0wbagger.

and after all of this if you are still unsure about joining us Check the video out below :smiley: or our Zkill here
Remember fly dangerously and thanks for taking the time to read this. o/


Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Daily bump!

Still open !

Recruitment open mail myself or W0wbagger ingame to get started :smiley:

I’m really interested, are you taking individual’s with multiple alts?

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Daily Bump

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Lots of fights to be had apply within today! :slight_smile:


Battle Report Tool Big Fight had 10/10 Recruitment still open enquire within Discord is a option too Wicked#9830 if you prefer that

Still recruiting!

Im interested but I seem to always have an issue with timezones when I join alliances. Are you active around downtime(0900-1300)? Every group i join i always end up solo cause none of the autz people pvp lol. Weekends I’m normal ustz.

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New video live and recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Daily bump! still open :smiley:

Immortalis still recruiting :slight_smile:

bump still open!

Still recruiting :slight_smile: