🦜 Immortalis Inc. [10101] Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] recruiting open in USTZ/selective in EUTZ

Recruitment: Open for US TZ / Selective for EU TZ

Summary of what we have to offer:

  • Executor corporation of Shadow Cartel alliance
  • Our members consist of a diverse group of players from the US, UK, and EU
  • Great opportunity for personal growth in USTZ
  • Well established PvP corporation focusing on small to medium sized engagements as well as alliance scale involvement
  • Strategic doctrine fleets with SRP
  • Regular content generation
  • Daily jump freighter runs to/from Jita
  • Vast amounts of in and out of game assets and tools to assist in operations, navigation, planning, etc…
  • Access to great level 5 mission hubs, cheap planetary interaction, wormhole scanning, and other PvE activities to support and supplement your fun and downtimes

Summary of what we’re looking for:

Recruitment Requirements:

  • Minimum 40 million skill points focused on PvP
  • Active killboard and account
  • Mature and willing to fleet up
  • Logistics Cruisers 5
  • Capital alts (Dreads, Triages)
  • Ability and will to multibox

We may favor recruits that possess:

  • Blops battleships
  • Super-Capital alts (Supers, Titans)
  • Hunter alts
  • Cyno alts
  • Scanning alts
  • Link alts

The Long and Skinny:

Immortalis Inc. is the executor corp of Shadow Cartel. We like to fly small to medium fleets in lowsec with a focus on innovative, unusual and often times expensive doctrines. We enjoy fighting outnumbered and winning through superior tactics.

We try very hard to be in the right places, at the right times, with the right people in the right ships to get the fights that we want; and to win them.

We seek power players, content creators who can and are comfortable with; dual boxing, flying logistics, capital ships, and who have a minimum of 40 million SP in the right skills.
In accordance with these aims, we have the following requirements:

  1. Either a dread or triage alt. links, scouts, cyno chars highly preferred too - anything useful, and most importantly volunteering to use them!
  2. Multiboxing. Those alts you have? They don’t do the fleet any good logged off.
  3. Pro-activity. Always wait for the fifth time the FC asks for something before you speak up? We’re not the corp for you.
  4. The ability to fly all of our main doctrine ships with proper skills, AND Logistics level 5.
  5. The drive to be active! Will you move cynos? Hunt with alts? Probe where needs to be probed? React to structure notifications? Generally waste your life for the betterment of the alliance?

Contact/More Information:

If you’re interested, please check out our forums at https://shadowcartel.com/forum/ . Please read the pinned threads at the top of the recruitment section before applying.

You can contact us in-game by the following:

  • Public channel: Immortalis-Public
  • Contact Ginstery, ItsmeHcK1, Yasemin Hanim, Till Riedell, and/or Chandaris by Evemail

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