🦜 Shadow Cartel Multi-TZ Low-Sec PvP Alliance recruiting Corps and Pilots!


Shadow Cartel is seeking motivated corporations and individuals looking to join our USTZ ranks. It is an exciting time to take part in this 10-year standing alliance as we build our USTZ forces. We are seeking competent individuals that have the drive to get involved in day-to-day operations. Eve is a “go out and get it” environment when it comes to PvP; Shadow Cartel lends no exception. We are mainly a low-sec alliance but dabble in null-sec tufts regularly. If you aren’t afraid to put a little work in, prefer to keep it drama free and mature, have common sense, and want an alliance to call home, please keep reading.

A little about us:

Shadow Cartel is an alliance that heavily focuses on low-sec PvP. We are a pirate alliance and follow the rules of “Not Blue, Shoot It” (NBSI) and honored 1v1 fights and ransoms. Our alliance stretches back ~10 years of history and many of our members have been playing together for years across various time zones. Our members inhabit the globe, hailing from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and various other countries and provinces. We are currently based out of and live in Siseide, but our reach for content has no bounds.

Alliance Benefits:

  • Our members are willing to go the extra mile for alliance mates
  • Great opportunity for personal and corporation growth in USTZ
  • Well established pirate alliance with a variety of play styles
  • Strategic doctrine fleets with SRP
  • Regular content generation
  • Daily jump freighter runs to/from Jita
  • Vast amounts of in and out of game assets and tools to assist in operations, navigation, planning, etc…
  • Access to great level 5 mission hubs, cheap planetary interaction, wormhole scanning, and other PvE activities to support and supplement your fun and downtimes

What we expect:

  • Motivated and competent pilots and leaders who jump at the chance to get involved
  • Minimum of 20 million skill points in the right areas. Corps may have further skill point requirements.
  • Logistics Cruiser 5

Things that help:

  • Ability to fly doctrine fleets
  • Ability to fly up to and fully T2 fit faction battleships
  • Active account(s) with FAX, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, or Titans trained
  • Links and cyno alts
  • Active killboard
  • Politeness and maturity
  • Being humble

How to apply:

If our alliance seems like the right fit for you and you would like to apply, please contact one of our members in our public channel “Shadow Cartel Public”, drop an evemail to myself with your questions or concerns, and/or visit our website/forums at https://shadowcartel.com/.


Come fly with the Masters of Sing Laison!
Masters Of Sing Laison!

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Come fly with us and get just as excited as little school girls over new makeup like we do when we kill titans!
Point Point Point Point Point Point!

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Of course, don’t forget the awesome poco rates!
Do you want to shoot my poco?

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As Gin said, we dabble in a little null shenanigans as well. Be we just Can’t Get Enough!

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This is gonna be a tough one
-Jericho Stormcloud

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For even more awesome in game footage, visit Mindhunt4’s Youtube page: Mindhunt 4 Eve

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Still looking for more! Don’t hesitate to contact us in one of the methods listed above.

Join our public channel or send me an in-game evemail! Come find your place in our galactic family!

Come join us for pew!

Register on our forums today and submit your application!

Seriously sweet frags happening daily. Join up today! Seeking pilots!

No EU timezone fun at all?

yes we also recruit EU TZ but are trying to rebuild an USTZ hence the post, get in touch with us if youre interested

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This post is to promote our USTZ recruitment. Don’t let the timezone difference deter you! We are always interested in more EUTZ and AUTZ pilots to join in on the fun!

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All applicants are welcome to donuts and their fair share of exotic dancers.

Happy veterans days from a fellow veteran! Apply today!

I am fairly interested in the description of this corporation. This…Shadow Cartel. Contact me in-game with a message or I can contact you. Which name should i be contacting?

This is an advert for an alliance known as Shadow Cartel. We have many corporations included in our fine establishment and are looking for more pilots as well as USTZ oriented corporations of moderate skillpoint levels to join under our banner. If you would like to check us out, our website and contact details are at the bottom of the original post. You can check out all of our corporations in game or on our forums.

Recruitment still open. Apply today!