Shadow Cartel / Immortalis - Premier Lowsec Pirate PvP Low Sec

We are Immortalis Inc, the executor corp of the Shadow Cartel Alliance, one of the oldest existing Low-sec groups formed way back in November of 2008.

Our Corp & Alliance has been around the block a few times both at the top and bottom feeders. (now somewhere in the middle), presently we are orientated around a more mature core base of gamers who have real life and use Eve as a way to relax and blow stuff up while doing it in the spirit of having fun with old friends of 10+ years, our group no longer plays to be the big dogs as such anymore but more to be able to hold our own in a fight and have fun while doing so, we are recruiting like-minded individuals who want to pew and blow stuff up with others.

So what we can offer you:

  • We provide regular fleets as well as spontaneous ones, depending on the objectives that arise. .
  • Plex for FC program (if you run a consistent fleet every week, we pay your sub, no matter how many people attend)
  • There are multiple avenues for earning ISK, including Level 5 missions and SOE (Sisters of Eve) missions. We offer tax-free Planetary Interaction (PI) and engage in PvP/PvE activities in Pochven.
  • We have an excellent authentication and ping system supported by our private IT specialist lmao
  • Own freight service into the systems in which we operate

But it’s not just about battles. Our community thrives on respect and camaraderie. With friendly and courteous members, we extend a warm welcome, creating an environment where we forge bonds and enjoy our time as pirates together.

What we are looking for:

  1. Either a DPS,Logistics or a Links Alt its 2023 you have no excuses. More is better and will look better upon your application.

  2. Multiboxing. Those alts you have? They don’t do the fleet any good logged off. So if you are a single boxer we’re not for you.

  3. Don’t keep the FC waiting and respond asap if he ask something. (Time is gold)

  4. The ability to fly all of our main doctrine ships with proper skills, AND/OR Logistics level 5. [If you have a dedicated logi alt ignore this]

  5. The drive to be active! Will you move cynos? Hunt with alts? Probe where needs to be probed? React to structure notifications? Generally waste your life for the betterment of the alliance? if this awnser is no or not really then We’re not the group for you.

  6. And at least a minimum of 30mil Sp

  7. Content for mostly all Timezones


If you’re interested just Contact Dr Heckto Fix in game or on discord “heckto

If you are interested in another SC Corp contact their Recruiters or me and I will forward you to them


The gentlemen of lowsec <3


+1 would join again, if that were possible

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There’s even a home for Kiwis/Aussies :kiwi_fruit: :boomerang:

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Feel free to join our public channels

More exciting than Push Industries.

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I accidentally applied here instead of Snuffed Out, but decided to stay because it was pretty chill.

This is the place to be if you want good fights.

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Still Recruting

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I know what I’ll be doing when I’ve got 30M SP

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Still recruiting. Get in touch with one of our recruiters today!

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Still open

great pvp here

Lots of nice and helpful people, and overall a very chill alliance with lots of good fights

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Free BodyPillow if you join! Contact W0wbagger!


\o/ Hump the BodyPillow! Bump the Thread!


Is the free body pillow a retroactive offer for existing members? Asking for a friend.

I’m here too!

And also I am still bad, but our FCs are so good that doesn’t matter.

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Join early join often!

Still a great alliance

still open