Returning player looking for lowsec piracy

I’ve been playing off and on since 2004, I’m self sufficient and can fly just about everything.

I’m looking for a corp that controls a low-sec system (or pocket), gate camps, pipebombs, ganks, etc. I hardly have time for long roams and large fleet activities, but love hunting for targets with the time I have (wherever they may be).

o7 If you’re looking for piracy we might be just what you’re after while we do fleet operations,

We also do small scale blops hunting and have had some people do stuff like station and/or gate camping if this sounds good then please read my linked post, it contains all the relevant information from what we do, who we are & how to contact us :slight_smile:
best of luck on the corp hunt, hope to be flying with (or against you) soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Check us out brother. Most active low-sec gallente corp and alliance.

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