Looking for social group

I am solo pilot with about 200+ million XP’s. I am a multi boxer who works very odd shifts with random days off. Honestly, I enjoy discord. I am looking for a very LOOSE group to fly with. More importantly a group that is on discord. The discord should be a “friendly” exchange of ideas. No shooting or insults of course. Never interfere with EVE operations or gameplay. I am more than willing to donate ships in a PVP scenario. I am not down with being bossed around yet as an ex-Military member I understand military order. Yet this is a game and I have enough bosses in real life. Not paying 50 bucks a month to be yelled at especially over ship losses that I paid for via ISK!!! I live in Ko-zor (Nahol) area. I primarily, mission, mine and PI and build some tech 1 ships. (Make 35% profit.) Rarely do I overfly ships for the job. (If a tech one ship can do the job. Why bring a bling ship?)

Experience? Wormholes and limited Null space. Obviously High Security. My RL work requires me to AFK for 4 to 5 at a time sometimes. I also have elderly family and younger members I am responsible for. It is one of the main reasons why I stay in High. No sov changing or station being blown up surprises. Let alone I just find it more relaxing. I play and pay for FUN!!!

Times I am on. 8am to 1300pm EST and sometimes after midnight M-F. Weekends are a wildcard. The aforementioned responsibilities, SUBJECT to CHANGE.

I have alts! No problem putting alts into anything except high security (random) ganking. I am 57 years old married guy from Detroit. (Real life low Security.) Severely drunk/drug random rants are something I don’t want to listen too. Yes, I am blob pilot. Yet, blobing for PVE is something I am not interested in. I am weak PVPer. I fly with Spectre Fleet for content. My biggest concern is Discord. I do understand some days people want to be left alone. I do too sometimes. I can respect that. E-mail me a discord so we can rap. I will answer any questions.

I am getting wise. please do not send me an invitation if our discord is not active. I have lost too many ships typing instead of flying. Fun Fact. I have gone to EVE Northeast twice and Eve Toronto.

Thank you for your attention.

here’s are discord the dragon wariors
were very lose and have many players who are like you in what they want.
we operate in null sec and have access to almost everything

Let me know what you find would you? This seems a rarity unless forced like a wormhole. Getting people on coms is important imo.

plz take a look and who knows what comes out of it

L’gonic D’gingarL_gonic_D_gingar Welcome and hi.

We are a mature group, a lot of us 40+. Active daily in EU and US timezone.

We are looking for EU and US players to join us out in Stain, amazing PVE and PVP at every corner from solo/small gang up to big fleet fights with our coalition. Feel free to stop by our Discord if interested and please refer back to this post: STA'IN

Hope you find what you are looking for

hello we are a smaller laid back corp located out in nullsec join our discord and see if we are a fit for you

Come check out TSSOC. We are a very calm group. Sounds like we might be what you’re looking for.


Back to the drawing board. Nice Alliance I was in folded. AKA Bump a dor

you are welcome with us
join in our corp discord :grinning:

give us a look, long time corp, great members.


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