12 year cyropod malfunction

Her ears were ringing as her eyes finally shuttered open. The ringing turned into its origin noise, the loud hissing of her cyropod opening, followed by a series of alert sirens. When her eyes adjusted to color she saw the orange caution lights spinning wildly. Her first actual thought crossed her mind- had it been 200 years already? Stepping out of the cyropod was a troublesome endeavor, as her body seemingly refused to operate properly. The smooth exit turned into a fumbling collapse at the base of her pod with the many injection tubes snapping from her body violently. She couldn’t even muster an “ouch” aloud, so instead it was uttered internally. After what seemed like an hour she recovered her basic body function and stood. Thousands of cyropods were lined in dozens of rows as far as her eyes could see. Their faint glow of some flickering the caution orange, but sadly majority had a steady red glow. She knew that meant the inhabitants were dead inside. Something went horribly wrong with the mission.
She turned back to her own pod and tapped on the accompanying screen. It took a few minutes for her fingers to gain the dexterity to be accurate. Then she saw what she dreaded to see, the pod had malfunctioned after 12 years. 12 years may seem like a long time to be gone from EVE, but the mission target was 200 years.
Without a doubt the utopia her corporation has discovered so far across the galaxy, had been compromised. Some form of abort procedure was started and the integrity of the pods suffered drastically. After attempting to open several intact pods and free her comrades, she had to give up the hope it was possible. Her clearance level was declined over and over. Amongst all the loud sounds, sirens warnings and alerts, she heard the most startling one of all. Eminent impact of the ship in 17 hours. The safety protocol should have opened all the pods at 48 hour warning, what had gone so wrong. Collecting her thoughts she turned her attention towards personal survival. Luckily the hull of the Hercules was intact, but most systems were critical. She was lucky to be released when she was and opted not to squander the opportunity.
After finding a meal, a stingingly hot shower, and a fresh change of clothes… she made her way to the escape pod docks. No luck on opening the bay of any of the large ships, her clearance did allow her a refitted osprey. As she buckled the harnesses she released there was only an autopilot back into EVE civilized space. She was sure much had changed in EVE after 12 years absent, but she was determined as ever to climb back into the saddle. Finding her footing would be easy, finding her path would be hard.
She needed to find a new corporation to collaborate with and start anew her life in EVE online…

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By far the best Corp search I was allowed to read here in recent months ! A little more structure in the text with punctuation and paragraphs would be even nicer, but in terms of content I can only say : Top !!!

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Hey Premeditated Accident!

This right here!

An absolute masterpiece! If everything in EVE was this awesome we would have a lot more players!

That being said, my corporation could also use a lot more members and I take pride in trying to guide them all as best I can (those that need it ofcourse!)

Send me a mail ingame if you are interested to know more :wink: Not going to try and sell myself here because in comparisson with your add it will sound stupid XD

Welcome back to EVE and all the best on your endeavors!


I have only one thing to add to that

we are building a story too, just not with words, with action. small EU corp looking for reg log in players to help look after a small pocket of Immensea. all the “blurb” you might expect from a null alliance, small corp means yr voice is heard. jump into shield107 in game for more info/chat ?
cheers Edrik.

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