Corporate Dealings Gone Sour

NOH had swept in like a plague of locust’s years of unpaid debt suddenly resurfacing from dealings many years previous.

Honestly she should of expected it, she hated her past self for the complacency. Her trusty Malediction class frigate had carried her safely out of Jita but surviving this was still only a possibility not a dead certainty.

Cathy took a deep breath. Who was she kidding, she was a capsuleer, still nigh untouchable. She needed a little while to recuperate maybe a spell in null sec but she would be fine.

SISOL-COFM slid into the docking bay of her half brother’s home station in Intaki, close to the heart of the enemy where she would be least expected. She has contacted Dutch a few hours before and hadn’t heard back but he was probably still pissed.

The capsule disengaged and Cathy looked forward to the relaxing reality of having her feet on what passed for land on a massive station orbiting a star.

As Cathy exited the departures area she immediately knew something was wrong four heavily set guards looked at her almost accusingly.

“Mz Okagima.”

“Yes.” And as the word dropped from her mouth like fuel poured directly onto a before that point unseen fire she realised she had been right to fear for her life.

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