26th Febuary YC126
Location - Unknown

The capsuleer sat in the centre of the claustrophobic interrogation room. The familiar four walls of the one-sided mirrors surrounded her, along with the uncomfortable metallic chair that seemed to dig into her skin. A voice, devoid of emotion, repeated the same monotonous questions that she had heard for over a year now. The Black Eagles Team tasked with her “debrief” showed no signs of releasing her anytime soon.

It had been over a year since she reported her compromised position within the Kybernaut group, and yet she was no closer to freedom. She knew all too well the ruthlessness of the Federation when it came to cleaning up loose ends. They had zeroed out her banks, seized her assets, and even terminated her backup clones.

She stared through her own reflection in the mirror, willing for it to shatter, so she could face her interrogator directly. She shifted in her chair, trying to ease the discomfort of sitting in the same position for hours on end. Suddenly, the agent’s voice broke through her trance-like state. Like clockwork, he began his routine questioning.

“Capsuleer,” he said crisply, “state your name and affiliation.”

“Clementine Lafleur, Gallente Federation.” she answered stoically.

“Capsuleer, state your mission objective.”

“To infiltrate a known Triglavian loyal capsuleer alliance and feed intelligence back to the Federation.”

The questions continued in rapid succession - command structure, fleet composition, ship fittings, area of operations, types of operations. It was all generic information that she had relayed a thousand times. But frustration would often flare when the personal questions arose. How did she gain the trust of these Triglavian loyalists? Did she sleep with any of them? Did she feel any remorse for the countless lives she had taken? These were questions that she had grown tired of answering, but she knew she had no choice if she ever wanted to be free.


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