Mostly PVE player looking for Corp/Alliance

Relatively new player (6m SP, Omega for 12 months) looking for a corporation where we can do mostly PVE activities for large profit. I’m not focused on the PVP aspect as I don’t enjoy killing people that don’t deserve it. I’m sick and tired of getting murdered all the time trying to play PVE and having randos come and murder me whenever I take a step inside a wormhole or low-sec.

Mostly operate in US time zone (west coast). hoping to join fleets to do all sorts of activities as long as there is good ISK in it. Mining, wormhole site running, gas sites, etc. Have Discord and am very active on it. Play almost every day.

Looking for good friendly people willing to take a relative newb under their wing.

we are a group that focuses mainly on mining and industry. we do look for players interested in providing security forces for low sec mining.

we are an expanding corporation with plenty of roles to fill with in the corporation. whether you just want to be a regular member, or take a pay position in the corporation, the choice is yours.

we run nearly daily mining ops, and the corporation buys back ore at 105% evepraisal price. we DO NOT do like those other wishy washy mining corps that only give 90%. we feel that if you make money, you get bigger, that in turn helps the corporation get bigger.

new members can receive a free venture, FG, DD, or CA depending on your skills.

contact DKJericho either in game, or by joining our discord and contacting there.


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Men off Wealth and Taste is a mostly PVE corp. operating in Worm Hole and Null Space. Our alliance offers a large section of Null space for operation with relative safety. While our corp. is mostly PVE focused we do enjoy some PVP and our alliance connection offers ample opportunity for those wishing to experience the PVP aspects of the game as well. Please contact Doc Boden or Pablo Jung in game or in Discord, We would like to discuss the opportunities we can offer you in more detail.

Wormhole is MAINLY used for PvP. If you do not wish to die, do not go in wormholes. On the other hand, we’re a PvP WH corp who krabs as well and we could teach you ALL the ways to survive, kill and make crazy isk on the side.

Vince Rainbow Sun, In game mail sent, feel free to come ride with us and earn a lot of ISK.

lets have a talk over a beer :smiley:

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