Looking for A corp that has people who know how to run in the Abyss or other high sec Isk making shenanigans!

Hi there I would like to join a nice corporation with some older people I am in my 50’s. I usually play around 8 PM est. East Coast USA! I just want to log in and shoot npc’s of some sort. I have one character with 100 mil skill points. I can’t PVP and the last time I mined was in 2012. I like to mission and would not mind learning how to due faction war. I need to stay in high sec. I am not afraid of loosing my ship, but I just don’t want the hassle low, null or W entails. I will day-trip if that is something done as a group. I really despise mining. Thank you for looking!


C-5 Wormhole miners wanted!

Anomalies and Moon Goo.

Mining Ships handed out and SRP’d.

Entry level/new bro friendly.

Keep what you mine! Sell it in the hole!

Gateway to end-game content and money.

Alpha? No problem!

Inquire today!

not a bot

We skew older and EST