Returning pilot 22m looking for mining corp

Hi, ive been away from eve for quite a while, i used to mine, alone but got kinda bored, got solo blasted so many times i lost heart, but i can fly numerous ships, but just cause i can fly them doesnt mean i know what im doing, im a mature player Eastern Usa but i dont use comms, a confidence thing.

id like to join an active corp if any would have me, im not too fussed on the location high or low sec, just want to be part of a community, sorry if this is a little basic but i dont know what else to say, would like to act as support for a group of friendly like minded pilots.

thanks for reading

Embarrassingly I’m taking this down, but it won’t let me, ah well ignore this. Safe flying everyone

You ever think about wormholing? o7 hit up Its_Stunt on discord or Eonallus Johnson in game :slight_smile: were a very casual wormhole group of tightknit members who love to shoot ■■■■ and crab in a C5-C5. I would love to chat withcha :smiley:

hey man. Im the CEO of Legion Ascending, a nullsec Indy/PVP corp. Our corp is focused on the members, meaning all members have a say in the future of the corp. We are a small group of guys (about 16 or so now) and we all enjoy playing together, doing pvp fleets, mining, all the things. Come have a chat with us and see what you think.