Alpha miner/hauler looking for corp

I am relatively new to the game but learning fast. I am mainly miner and doing some hauling but I like building stuff rather than destroying it. It will be a moment when I will have to fire something I guess but my main goal is to support people built massive things.

I would like a corporation that involves miners in what they do with the ore what they build etc rather than a corp that uses like miners like slaves.

High sec at the moment and will only go low sec if people can provide protection.

Thank you


When you feel comfortable with increasing your game content, please give us a shout out. We can help you transition to better the overall experience of EVE.

Hope to see ya in space,

Hey Elior. ZYMIN industries is looking for people like you. Go ahead and send an application into us with your API and we can get things started.

thank you I will consider maybe a future career not ready for wormholes yet

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Roger that and I understand completely, Elior. I hope as you seek more and more EVE content, you keep us in mind.


Hey I am a returning player with a corp looking for casual players PVP/PVE/Mining USTZ.

I can help you out with getting a start out building things after the long dredge of mining is done for the day.
I have a discord server to use and you can come in and hangout with the people. Would like to grow the corp and bring in some great people to have fun and fly together. EVEmail or convo me if youd like to talk.


Our alliance is currently recruiting pilots & corps to build up a low sec presence, We are a small tight knit alliance and are looking for all types of players. We do everything from small gang pvp, fleet mining, mission running, wormholes and null sec roams. We are new player friendly with very experienced people always willing to help you thrive in New Eden.

Recruit channel in game:
HMSK Recruitment

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