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Im relatively new player who has always enjoyed playing solo rather than in a group. But I have reached a point where without guidance, I dont have the knowledge to delve into the more complex mining and manufacturing skills. If I could find a corp that could help me expand my skills, i could do solo activities to help the corp.
-sincerely, Telk

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hey man, ever tried or wanted to try wormhole? I’m part of a corporation, phantom-operatives. You can make really good isk mining in WH space and we can teach you some PVP or whatever else you would want to do. Feel free to private message me (mail) in game or join our in-game channel, Phantom-PUB

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(telk ribson) #3

I am still very new to the game, experience wise. at this point, i have just reached the retriever and learned about mining crystals. very very basic stuff.

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no problem man. if you want to get into wormhole space and learn some cool stuff feel free to contact me in game. if not, I wish you the best of luck in eve. its a harsh game but be persistent and you will see results.

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(CaseyLP) #5

Are you interested in highsec or nullsec/lowsec more?

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I tried lowsec at one point, lost an Exhumer. After that i stuck to highsec for a long time, but it has become boring. I want to learn how to properly venture to unsafe places. But it can be difficult, as I’m quite the antisocial person.

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You should consider The Phoenix Uprising then :slight_smile: They are an Industry/Mining corp based in Immensea as part of the Federation Uprising alliance and Legacy coalition family. The space is fairly safe, and you should never be caught if you’re paying attention to intel channels, and there’s very good mining and ratting space and very well stocked local markets.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public Discord:

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I have sent a Ingame Mail to you

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(Altrexis Rin) #10


I’ve eve-mailed you mate, Hope we can help. Feel free to join the Discord: Riot Recruitment


Alt o7

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(tbagger98) #11

come fly with us in delve!!! 0.0 space at its finest!

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