Asteroid Farm Unlimited - (ADFU) Null Sec Corporation - PVP, Ratting, Industrial

First off, I’d like to say that this is a wall of text detailing the corp. However, we do NOT vet your whole life and interview you for a week before you can join. We do however require a full ESI.

We are NOT renters.

We like having a few words with you, either in-game or on TS3 or Discord to see where you at.

Asteroid Farm Unlimited is a corporation primarily focused on the various PVP aspects of the game, however being set-up in Null-sec in Delve, makes industrial operations very lucrative. We have a huge PVP scene within our coalition, and seeing 20+ PVP fleets per day is not unusual.

Being part of The Imperium of-course allows us to take part of their vast infrastructure, and provides a safe haven in where you can get on with your business in peace.
However, being part of The Imperium comes with certain requirements, we will gladly fill you in on these once we get the opportunity to talk to you.

We have certain realistic goals and aspirations, which we will strive to complete within 2018. One of them is to surpass 200 active members within this new year. We are constantly growing and evolving.

We also strive to accomplish the following goals

  • Enough people online to support an op (if interest is there) every day
  • Self-supplied freighter service, AKA within Corp for minimum delays
  • The setup and maintaining of a corporation owed Azbel for building capital parts/ships.
    - Corporate Azbel is deployed, and Tech 2 rigged for cap parts / cap ships. - Super low tax!
  • Corporation sponsored capital ship building/research programs.
    - One project focuses on building ships as a team, and not alone.
    - Another project focuses on teaching the process of researching blueprints, and Invention.
  • Corporation sponsored PVP - Fleet command learning.
    - One project Fleet Commander Program - Learn how to FC, and start commanding fleets.

Please note that these are just some of our goals and aspirations, and we will strive for everyone in the corp to enjoy a profitable environment in one of the most profitable areas of the game.

Asteroid Farm Unlimited keeps a minimum of 4 pap’s (Strategic FLEET PARTICIPATIONS) per month. (This is subject to change) Super easy to get your participation links.

We also maintain a couple of services in-alliance, in order to maximize the time spent doing things that you like and minimize hiccups.

We/the alliance provide the following:

  • HUNDREDS of moon mining structures. 5 Private corporation moons, mineable only by ADFU members.
  • Tons of Alliance/Coalition PvP fleets every day.
  • In Alliance mining operations every day, with tons of rorquals and boosts.
  • Low tax Manufacturing, Refinery, Invention, and other services.
    - Azbel is up and running, an even lower tax 1 % than other corporation/alliance owned stations.
  • Ever expanding the null-sec market for many of your needs (we have the third biggest market hub in EVE).
  • Setup in good constellation with lots of mining and ENDLESS ratting possibilities.
  • Full ore and ice buyback program at 90% Delve price, depending on the type of ore/ice.
  • An active and friendly community.
  • Ship replacement program.
  • Mining support ships and freighter service.
  • Low tax (6%). Which equals more ISK in your pocket, in one of the most profitable areas in EVE.

Our leadership players are longtime inhabitants of EVE, with massive amounts of experience from most parts of the game. The best part is we will strive to help you make your time in EVE the best time ever.

We would be delighted to answer any of your questions, and go a little bit deeper into the description of our corp/alliance in-game when you get to the interview stage of the hiring process.

If you are a new eve online player, that is ok… reach out and let us know you want to join. We want to teach our skills to other players. Come and grow with us!

Before joining our channel below, Please use our ESI system for background checks - Here

Our website is here.

Eve in-game public channel is “ADFU Recruitment Channel”

After this is completed, eve mail the following people about joining up!

ADFU recruitment team -
Gyrow Five

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:shuffleparrot: 250M SP Returning PVP Pilot
New player looking for mining corp
28.6m SP Pilot & Indy alt LF permenant home
100mill+ SP, Looking for a new Home
New guy looking to make isk and pvp
Newish player looking for a group to play with
Coming Back after hiatus.....LF a home
Returning player looking for corp 4M sp
Newish player
91M SP Pilot + Capital Alt/JFs - Looking to join 0.0 Corporation
New Miner looking for Corp
31 Mill SP pilot looking for corp
New player looking for Ustz group
150m+ SP USTZ looking for lowsec or nullsec fun
Returning player 45 mill sp looking for a new home, EUTZ. Omega clone
Returning PvP Pilot
Vet Looking for a pvp corp 150 mill + SP with cap alts!
170 mil SP pilot looking for late night USTZ PVP
Looking for a Mining & Industry corp to call home
Please help me to not quit playing EVE
88 Mill SP toon looking for a home
Former Omega currently Alpha seeking new adventures
Pvper looking for a new home
67M SP PVP returning player looking for fun
89m SP char looking for chill nullsec corp
188M SP char looking for new home
20M char looking for a new corp
xxLooking for a FOREVER! Homexx
Returning player, time to git gud
Long time player ... looking for something new
Returning player 75 mil sp wants pvp
18m looking for null sec corp EUTZ with a bit of pve
Experienced miner and industrialist looking for a home
PVP newbie looking for null/low sec corp US timezone pref (30m sp)
Returning player looking for corp!
Returning 20mil SP Pilot looking for corporation to get back into the game with
73M SP returning - LF socially active PvP
54m SP Pilot LF Null Sec PvP and Home
29mil SP returning player LF Null Sec corp
83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home
Any place in null for a corp of just me (60m sp) and an alt?
67M SP PVP returning player looking for fun
Returning 86m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for new home [USTZ]
50mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
138mill Capital pvp pilot and Force aux alt UK timezone
64 Mil SP Returning Pilot looking for AUTZ Corp
Returning pilot LF corp
Upcoming Industrialist Looking for Home
30 mil SP miner looking for corp
90 Planet PI-Industrialist Looking to Rent Space or Join NullSec Corp
Looking for good sized group
Looking for Very Active Pvp corp. 1st char 75 mil sp 2nd char carrier and dread pilot
94 mill so and alt lf nullsec home
160m+ Sp pilot + alters looking for a new home for Pew pew (prefer WH)
Old pilot looking to come back. 50mil SP
60m sp pilot looking for mature null or wh corp US west coast
Corporation looking for nullsec alliance
15mil Sp looking for Corp
Testing the waters
160m+ SP char looking for a new null sec home
Looking for some Fun
45 mil sp PvP toon w/2 15+ mil sp alts LF small-med gang PvP Focused corp
EU TZ Looking for pewpew (165m SP)
85 M Sp Fleet Booster/Subcap pilot LF WH or Null
60 million SP char looking for null sec home
US EST TZ: 125M Main with 100M ALT Looking for Mature Corp
I'm interesting in a Corp
Returning (US) Pilot Probably Looking For Corp
Rorqual pilot looking for somewhere to mine
Corp Found. thanks
Closed. Found a home
Delete please
30Mill SP looking for NEW Started corp/Small corp
Looking for ratting 0.0 corp updated close
175m SP PVP player Looking for PVP corp EUTZ
Over 100 mil pilot looking for pvp corp
29 mil SP pilot returning to game LF Null Mining Corp

What TZ is the corp usually active? How active is AU tz?

I do not think we have an AU Member yet, However Bastion is huge and I am sure there will be people around to fly with. Feel free to reach out in game with the channel.

Bump for a good Corp! Come fly the unfriendly skies! :wink:

Wanna Mine Moons? Come Stop By! We love to moon mine! Love to pvp? Want some excitement? Fleets run at all hours, all sorts of people. Come Diversify your kill board today!

Bump for the best null corp I have been apart of.

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Good fellas, just trying to spread some pvp to the universe… Spodbless - 10/10 would join again… wait, i’m still in the corp… yay me! Come join up, and ask about our free ointment!

Come Fly with us! :slight_smile:

Bump, still looking for active pilots who want to make loads of isk.

Still looking for new folks to build our empire! ADFU is an equal opportunity employer!

Come join up, and kill most of the universe :slight_smile:

loving that zero space life people, come check it out… come live the high life.

Missing Eve Vegas, but our alliance is there… Yeah, come join up!

best in game value, half the price! come join up today!

Still looking for new members.

Still looking for new members.

Lots of rocks to mine we need more people to mine them :slight_smile:

Looking for members that want to make lots of isk.

Spots open, looking for dedicated members.

Updated recruitment post - Come and Join us, we look forward to your application.