New player looking for mining corp

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Hi guys,

I’ve just started eve after looking at some videos on youtube and was thinking of joining a player owned corporation.

I would like to mine

hit me up in game or reply to this thread.



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WarDogs Industrial Arms is happily Taking new people, we are relatively new but have a good setup for growth with a exceptional Orca booster, we just ask that you work on your Amarr standings to cut into that tax rate when we move our finished products to market. and a working mic helps. check out our description in game to see if were the right fit for you. A working mic helps too :slight_smile:

(tbagger98) #3

ADFU is always looking for mining dudes, we do have a pvp requirement… but its easy to do and we even have ships we can provide until you get skilled higher.

Come grow and fly with us!

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hi tbagger98,

I have literally just started playing eve online so i don’t have many skills in the game yet. I am also not subscribed yet and can only fly a mining frigate.

I would be interested in joining your corporation. Will i survive in 0.0?


(tbagger98) #5

We can show you the way! We can also hook you up with a mentor, that will show you the ropes.

I sent you an evemail in game. Reply back when you can, and we look forward to seeing you around.

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