Asteroid Farm Unlimited - (ADFU) Null Sec Corporation - PVP, Ratting, Industrial


(gsPhil) #21

Looking for more good eggs to fill out our ranks. Join for the Mining, Ratting, and PVP.

(gsPhil) #22

Looking for members that want to shoot things be they rocks or other players.

(tbagger98) #23

We are really looking for good people that want to make money and blow stuff up… come fly with us.

(tbagger98) #24

Folks, still looking for a good home with tons of PVP fleets… come join up for some fun!

(tbagger98) #25

ADFU is still looking for players to come and help us in our quest to get rich! Come Join up, we have great benefits!

Apply within!

(tbagger98) #26

ADFU is still looking for new pilots! Veterans and new bros come to unite under our banner!

ADFU is an equal opportunity employer! We live in Delve, and we would love to have you fly with us!

Come chat with us in game! Join the “ADFU Recruitment Channel” and chat with a recruiter today!

Vet looking for a corp
Looking for corp
Looking for pvp corp
New player looking for EUTZ pvp corp
40mill Combat and 20mill miner Looking for a Null home
90m SP looking for nullsec community
New PvP looking for PvP corp
146mil sp 04'er pilot looking for Nullsec home
(tbagger98) #27

Still looking for a few good people to make crazy cash with! come fly with us in Delve!

(Stark Estidaal) #28

We do crazy stuff, and make crazy isk! Did i mention crazy fun?

Join us today or loose EVE :wink:

(tbagger98) #29

Hello Folks, We are looking for players old and new! Come fly with us!