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OK, I found this game through word of moth from some online friends. So I said what the hell I love space stuff lets give it s shot,. I looked a bunch of stuff up and made a character, I never go half assed so I got Omega account also. I am absolutely loving this game so far.

So here it is, I play other games and best part of it all is playing on a team and learning from other folks. Not to mention the pure aspect of meeting new folks. Is there a home for a bone stock rookie in a corp? Or is it to soon to jump in that pool? I am coming up on a million SP, I am minmitar, My plan is to use the skill tree and get to Lvl 5 mastery in my Rifter I am currently in first then move on, Not sure thats what ya supposed to do but its a plan so far. I am US TZ usually play couple hours a night during week more on weekends around 6ish central time. Family i first for me aka RL comes first

I am seriously interested in PVP but as I have said I am a super rookie and do not know crap about it, would love to get under a wing and learn the ways of the gun. I read about Merc corps Guns for hire, that seems fun as hell, but anyway its prol TLDR but about my self if interested I am 40 ish, I know when to shut up and listen, I like to joke around and have fun, I do not do drama in any game I have played. I like to drink beer and have laughs while playing with cool peeps.

P.S if no one interested or its too soon got any advice? either mail me in game or post here, hope to hear from y’all. Any way good luck out there.

Well depending on what you want there are a couple of different options. First there is high sec, which is pretty casual and low amount of fun PvP, low sec a very PvP oriented part of space and you can do faction warfare which brings some income. Null sec, best place for industry over all and some ok PvP, largest battles for sure but not always the best if your not on a lot. Last you have wormholes space which is a grab bag of everything, decent industry opportunity, very random PvP and good isk making, does require a little bit more patience and self sufficient.

If you have any other random questions you can ask. If your interested in a good wormhole alliance that will teach you and is laid back mail me in game.

Welcome to Eve.

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Come fly with us, we love new folks and old folks!

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