New player looking for PVP corp

I’m a new player that started my character 10 years ago. I played a little bit back then until real life and lack of a decent PC happened.

I’ve been playing solo for a few weeks trying to re-learn the game and nomenclature, watching videos and looking things up. I still have a long way too go.

I’m an Omega, have around 6 million SP, can fly frigates and Minmatar Battlecruiser’s. I also need some direction with skill training.

I started running T0 Abyss sites and have saved around 500 mil to throw into ships.

I’m looking for a good, patient, mature (I don’t at all mind off color humor I’ve heard it all, your not going to offend me) corp to show me the ropes, answer my dumb questions, and basically walk me through getting started blowing stuff up.

I have no PVP experience in Eve, I have never been in a fight but have always PVP’ed in other MMO’s and played many FPS’s and know it takes practice to “get gud”. I’m willing to put in the time.

I play at least a couple hours every weeknight Eastern time and more on the weekends. I’ve been reading that faction wars is a good place to start PVP but I really have no idea.

If you think I would be a good fit for your corp please message me in game. My name is Maverick Pulsar.

Thanks for your time, Hope to see you in game


Hey @Maverick_Pulsar - it sounds like you might also need a safe and supportive space to skill up, practice, and make some of that sweet sweet ISK. We have other friendly players who are on during your playtime as well. While we are not PVP focused, we have multiple large alliances who we are aligned with (blue/purple) that have standing fleets with experienced FC’s. I imagine you can find lots of great things to do in Immensea with us.

I respect MegaflareOne’s post, not everyone is looking for a corp or alliance with a primary focus on PVP, so his offer sounds great for a returning pilot!

Equally, if you are looking for a more PVP focused experience then please consider our alliance as we would be a great option for you.

We are based in Pochven (easily accessible from null, low , high sec and wormhole space) and focus on PVP primarily. I say primarily as we respect everyone’s desire to have a fun player experience so there are no rules really other that being on coms when joining a PVP fleet and following FC direction.

If you want to get an better idea of who we are please feel free to have a look at our latest vid below

The Morgue. alliance recruitment

You can of course always join our public fleets and pew pew with us before formally joining to see what we are about.


Join the The morgue. :skull: Discord Server!

Check out the The morgue. :skull: community on Discord - hang out with 340 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

have a nice day!


First off! Welcome to eve online! Glad you’re enjoying your stay.

A little about my group. We are a USTZ group with a couple Greeks thrown in. Mostly higher SP bros. Willing to teach any and all we can. Are alliance is very new player oreinted. We will drag you into the fire and watch you blow up! Then give you another ship to do it again!
Plenty iskies to be made to fuel the madness aswell!

Join are discord for a chat! Or any eve questions aswell.

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