🌿 [BUSH-] Red Bush Tea Guild | SOV-NULL | Supportive, Low obligations ISK building Co-op

With a little bit of support, Null-sec can be one of the most rewarding places in Eve.

Greetings pilot,
We are a stable, SOV NULL corporation with a continuous growth mindset. One of our biggest strengths is our Alliance. Comprised of a group of experienced players that provide some great benefits to our group. We are now looking to strengthen this Alliance by focusing on growing this corporation.

Is BUSH- a good fit for you?
We provide support, infrastructure, and things to shoot within our own SOV-NULL constellation. We have no skill or standings requirements so we’re a great corp for new or veteran players alike. Pilots looking for a safe space to setup and grow their PI + Industry could thrive with us. Pilots that aren’t interested in fleet or roaming obligations, (but aren’t scared of local pirates) might enjoy playing with us. However…PVP’ers who do like hunting with well organized groups will love spending time with our purple and blue neighbors.

If you enjoy being active in a smaller, supportive group and want a voice in the future of your team you should definitely consider us.

Where do we do the space things?
Our alliance has recently established Sovereignty in our own constellation within IMMENSEA. We have systems dedicated to ratting and mining including multiple moons and structure network that is growing like crazy!

Your corp is clearly great…but what’s in it for me?
An excellent + important question. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our group.

  • Cooperate + profit share together on large Indy projects (no obligations)
  • In-system hauling service + 90% buy back for any item you own
  • Weekly R-32 + R-64 moon pops - more moons coming soon
  • Access to Ice + very lucrative $Gas sigs$
  • Excellent PI planets with low or zero tax
  • Access to PVP fleets with our friendly Blue’s
  • Discord server where we chat and share cat memes - Chat with us before applying :speaking_head:

The Red Bush Tea Guild is ambitious with goals to help grow our Alliance in a natural and organic way. We are a mature, ambitious, sarcastic, sometimes cynical, group of real-life considerate nerds who believe the best parts of Eve are the people you meet during your Journey.

Apply now → RED BUSH TEA GUILD ← Apply now
Should you join?..maybe! Should you contact TeraflareOne" in game to learn more?..definitely!

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Recruiting still open - Bump

bump - still open to new pilots


Bump - still looking for awesome pilots…just like you!

Getting some wonderful messages from other pilots that are interested in joining. Thank you for considering us - BUMP

Bump - recruiting still open


bumping the post as we are still open to new pilots

We have moved to SOV-NULL. Bumping the edited post.

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Hey there, what timezone do you guys operate in ?

@TheRighteousOne, thank you for reaching out. We currently have a good mix of playtimes as we have alliance members that are located in EU and AU/NZ time zones. The rest of us are located across US times, like myself on EST. We also have purple and other friendly neighbors in our SOV space that give us access to other activities.

I hope this helps!

We are now fully established in SOV NULL and expanding. Get in on the ground floor. Apply now

Did I mentioned we’re now in our own SOV-NULL space and looking for great pilots like you to join?

Getting some great inquiries. recruitment is still open

I would love to try, Im only 8m SP tho, would you still take me? Looking for industrial life.

@Digger_Tee - we all have to start somewhere :slight_smile: can you message “MegaflareOne” in-game or just apply directly to the corp (in-game as well). Thanks

@TheRighteousOne - thanks for the question. About half of the group is on various US time zones, but we also have players in the EU and NZ. If you’re interested in roaming with our Blue or Purple friends nearby for fleets or pew pew, they are typically online until early US hours. Hope this helps!

We have added wonderful new players just this week. Bumping the post for visibility.