Old player with new character- looking for casual 0-0- pve

Came back a while ago. Play casually now, mainly have been doing some missions and burners in 0-0 but would like to switch things up.

Looking for a stable spot in 0-0 where I can mostly krab to myself late at night with a cold beer. Happy to join in on defence/ standing fleets etc as part of that, of course.

You Are Welcome With US
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Hey @Lazor_Monkey
I’d like to invite you to check us out. We have recently moved to our own Sov Null space which includes some fully upgrades systems for ratting and havens. Check out our description in the post below. We have low obligations and believe in allowing everyone to focus on what they enjoy most. Lots of options for new players. Message me in game if you would like to know more. Thanks

Sup ma dude!
Here’s the rant about our Corp, check us out!

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