Asteroid Farm Unlimited - (ADFU) Null Sec Corporation - PVP, Ratting, Industrial

We are still looking to hire more folks that want to live in Delve! Come fly with us!

Come fly with us, just got one of our goals completed… Yay US! Come fly with the best group of dudes eve has to offer!

Post bump, little bit of love! Come fly with us!

Interested in this. I’ll hit up discord when I get a chance.

Talk to us in our in game channel! :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays!!! Still looking for good people to live in delve!

Happy Christmas, New years… but null sec space still needs good people to cultivate its resources… We Need You! Inquire within, and Get that money! - No really, come fly with us.

Still looking for good people to get rich quick! :slight_smile: Did I mention, we have awesome benefits? Join us today!

still looking for peeps to join up!

Hi I am interested. I am an Indy pilot, mining mostly, 28 mill SP focused in indy/orca skills. Have aspirations to become a Rorqual pilot and maybe a carrier pilot. Also have a 10 mill sp exhumer pilot alt.

Hello Slave 8,

Join our in-game chat room, and lets talk!


Hello, Everyone.

We are looking for more members for OCP LLC.
We are running out of spots of the Capital Projects. But get in while you can,

  1. Join Corp
  2. Stay a month
    3.Have the skills
    $. make isk.

Join our recruitment channel to learn more

New Year = New Goals! Come fly with the best in delve!

Come fly with us, we would love to have ya! Still looking for a few good people!

Hey man, I have not heard from you. I will drop you an eve mail this evening CST time.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays!


We are steadily moving forward, growing. Come join the us, and fly with the best!

Bump for an awesome group of guys!

Friendly and helpful from the start. Honestly, you’ll not find a better corp!

Good Group, looking for more troops! :slight_smile:

Delve is the best place to live, and we do it all…

PVP, PVE, Industrial, Mining… Reach out, join up and make that Dank Delve Iskies.

Inquire within!

Still looking for more dudes :slight_smile: