Longtime casual solo PvPer looking for new space guild

12 year EVE player here. I haven’t done anything but PvP since my first year in the game. The last few years I’ve been flying solo when I’m active. Irl I’m a dad in my 40s, so my playtime is limited and I frequently take extended breaks, but I always come back to EVE.

I’m not really looking to change my playstyle much, if at all, or move to a new area in a full time capacity. I have a good time doing what I do and am mainly just looking for a group to chat with while I solo PvP, although I could certainly join in group content occasionally if something fun comes up. Preferably a corp that isn’t going to boot me if I take a break for 6 months once in awhile.

My needs in a corp-

  1. No mandatory anything.
  2. You don’t need to be a pirate corp but you need to be ok with me being a pirate in your corp - farming kills for loot and extorting ransoms are my joy and my livelihood.
  3. Friendly, mature, non-serious atmosphere with zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. I like to hunt space-nazis, not hang out with them.
  4. Very few or no blues. No null-bloc affiliation.
  5. No stupid rules about not talking in local or only gf’ing people I’m PvPing. Banter is part of the fun.

What I can contribute-

  1. More green marks than red ones on your killboard consistently. I make no claim to be an expert but I’ve figured out some things that work.
  2. I’m good at scouting targets and will be able to get you on kills occasionally when I find stuff I can’t solo.
  3. Can fly most subcaps.
  4. Spent many years in a teaching/mentoring capacity at EVE University and other groups, so I am good with newbies.

I’m open to a wide variety of types of corps as long as they can meet the needs I listed, and are at least partially PvP focused.

The killboard of my latest main character so you can get an idea what kind of stuff I do:

Playtime- late EU to early US

Ow dude ure gonne love it here whit me and the lads

Syeed Ameer Ali, mail sent, pretty sure we have exactly what you are looking for.

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