Fairly new player here, Looking for corp/alliance

Greetings and good evening, possible recruiters.

I am a 30 year old man, and my one and only character has the same birthday as myself (october 19th). I have used a number of skill injectors, and am currently at ~4.3m sp, if that matters, but my skills are all over the board (and i like them that way. my tastes are varied). Most noteworthy skill is that i am an orca pilot.

What i am looking for in a corp or an alliance is fairly specific, so to not waste your time, i will first write the things i believe may turn you away.

“PvP” is player versus player. “versus” indicates the players are fighting. it is my experience, people of EVE seem to believe “PvP” is not versus, but rather assault. if your corp has a focus on pvp to the effect of finding a miner, or someone travelling through a system, or doing missions, or PI… scanning them down and killing them without warrant, i am not interested. “PvP” in a mutual or organized format, i am fine with, and will perhaps even partake of. duels, tournaments, defending of territory, etcetera. the format in which both parties are aware, and are intending to fight.

I generally like to do my own thing, and have different ideas at different times. sometimes i feel like mining, others ratting, others traveling and trading, and yet others missioning. If your corp has a strict requirement to partake of whatever the corp is doing at that point in time, then i am not interested. This does not mean i am against fleet activities, it simply means if i am not in the mood to mine, and the corp is doing a mining operation / fleet, i do not want to feel forced or required to join it (although the likeliest situation is which i’d ask to join anyways, simply because doing things with other players is likely to be more fun). i’d like to be asked to join for corp activities, and will likely join many of them, but do not want to feel forced. It is also of note im fine doing many things solo, but if a corp member wishes to join me in my adventures, i’d not be adverse to it.

I may be a new player, but i am a “very” quick study. i learn very quickly, and i pick up on things even when the intention wasnt to teach. i keep the help channel open on ingame chat, and the majority of the time, i simply read it, and learn a broad range of topics simply by others peoples questions, and the answers provided. I also do a lot of research, to the point i’d be willing to say some days i spend more time googling and reading about eve than i do playing. and at some points, i spend significant portions of time in the simulate fitting window, comparing parts and teaching myself whats best “on paper”… As a partial side effect of this, if your corp is looking for a recruit to teach? im not interested. if you’re available to answer small questions i may have, or have critiques or criticisms, with a backing to them, that is excellent, and more than welcomed.

One thing of importance to me is aesthetics, and making my own choices. If your corp requires i fly certain ships, certain skins, or wear certain apparel? it is very likely im not interested. on the same note, i’d not appreciate pressure to use something more efficient, when im aware of the efficiency. I am aware tristran/vexor are better ships, but i like my magnate and my prophecy, because those are pretty ships :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like a corp who offers a level of protection, and has fleets / operations, in nulsec. if you are a primary highsec corp? im not interested, i can do highsec things solo. i’d like a team of good people i can chat with who can help me, and who i can help, in experiencing the more dangerous and exciting areas of new eden.

To conclude, and in TL,DR: im looking for a corp that is primarily PVE/industry, does things together often (but doesnt strictly “require” you partake of it), is willing to help a new player but not dictate their progression… and who has a good active corp channel i can chat and joke in. (if it matters, i have no ill feelings towards any religion, political party, race, nationality, or sexuality) i play many many hours a day (10+), so TZ isnt likely to be a problem, and… i think thats it.

You can contact me ingame as “Saiko Style” for a chat or recruitment

We talked, hope to hear back from you man

Bumping at the start of a new day, still keeping my options open

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