Rent / Mine others moons?

Basically this, where i could ask to rent(paying a % of total i mine to owner) or ask other corps to mine in their moons?

In my current corp they do have some HS that pops every week but i would like to be mining most of days since i work from home and i have a lot dead times

Many companies have a standing policy of 10% tax on mining as a ‘gift’ for operating the site. Those moon mining companies often have statements to that affect on the base itself or the company bio. Do your homework - no one wants moon mining to be all that easy to find for obvious reasons - and you should be fine.

maby we can work togather on this one
my corp lives in null but we do have a lot of moons
and there are some options that we can talk about
plz follow the link below to see what we are about
you can also find the discord link there so thatwe can talk some things over

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