Trigger Happy Moon Rentals

If you’re looking to get some real income going but don’t have any moons under your control, we have a selection of great moons available to rent up to and including r64s.

We can cater to and quote based on any volume of mining you’re looking to do with low tax rates. If you’re interested in renting some moons in and around Tribute message Ledeanio or Nil Desperandum either in game or via discord, more details available in Trigger_Rental in game channel.

Some moons still available.

are there system for rent as well or just moons?

R64, R32, R16 all on offer.

Reasonable tax rates on all types of moons, suitable for a set of covetor alts all the way up to a mining corp.

Some r32 and r64 moons still available


Some moons left to rent

Ideal for high sec miners looking to make a lot more money.

If you’ve not tried out null sec before send me a mail in game to get started.

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