Lowsec moons for rent

(McSpaceBoots ToungeFace) #1

Snuffed Out has ninja-anchored refineries valuable lowsec moons, and due to citadel mechanics, these structures have been nearly impossible for hostile local lowsec groups to remove. We offer to rent these structures to all entities for use, in exchange for a tax.

Snuffed Out will defend the structure against hostile Vexor Navy Issue gangs, or any fleet, even.

We offer tax incentives for disabled or otherwise incapable individuals or collective corporations of disabled people, who due to their disability are unable to secure moons of their own.

Contact me with the area you’re looking, and the approx. monthly values you would like to see from the moons.

(Baltrom) #2

hello im a swedish autist toillet maker irl and would like to rent some neos for maybe 5 to 6 isk/month

(Skippy Shiptoaster) #3

I have 3 secondary gender attributes and only half a brain. I would like to rent a R32 for three fiddy.

(McSpaceBoots ToungeFace) #4

Today an alliance attempted to take away one of our moons, we stopped them https://zkillboard.com/related/30045333/201802171600/

Rent today

(McSpaceBoots ToungeFace) #5

still a few left that haven’t gotten picked up yet

(system) #6

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