Looking for rental space

Hi there,

Im looking for a system to rent. Possible renting R32/64 moon aswel.

If you have that please post the google-doc, so we can look at it. ( no low sec space)


Hi there, I have no moons to sell, but i do have a bridge that id like to sell you.

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If it’s the SF Bay Bridge we don’t want it, the pier bolts are defective :rofl:

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im looking for a system too rent and in the same system if possible a moon R32/64.

Have you tried Raravoss?
I understand they are under a new management corp.
I just don’t know how they would react to late payments,


Ill let you rent a system. It has plenty of R64 moons. Send me a mail.

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i have sent you an ingame mail, did not hear anything back yet.

i am looking to rent also, any good leads?

Yes, anywhere but here.

What we have here is someone who will eventually whine in the afk cloaky thread.

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Moved to a more appropriate subforum

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