Looking for a new home EUTZ

Any good tight small/midsize corps that are recruiting? Only looking for EUTZ corps that are doing pvp (nanostuff or wormholes), have 2 high SP toons, all my friends are USTZ but i cant play in their timezone anymore. Happy with any tips!

Hey mate o/

We are a EUTZ heavy small wormhole corp and we do exactly what you’re looking for!

Small gang roams/fights, pve fleets and a bunch of social activities.

Our discord server:

Just take a look you never know

sendt you in game mail m8, EU based here with well pretty cool stuff :sunglasses: :policeman:

Have you seen the Morgue in venal. They have been recruiting lately and I have some friends in the corp that speak highly of them. Blue to no one pvp centric, mostly eu time zone.

Hi @NxCrewRambo

TDSIN is recruiting!

We live in lowsec, so we’ve an abundance of wormhole connections for pvp content! We roam, hunt through wormholes, black ops drop on people, and do medium sized fights every day in EUTZ and USTZ!

We pvp throughout the whole of New Eden as all the wormhole connections allow us to move around a lot.

We also just turned 13 years old recently, and we’ve got a lot of older players and returning ones joining. We have a casual laid back approach to things so there’s no CTAs or mandatory operations.

We have an onboarding department to help new and returning players lives a bit easier when they join and if people want it we do a fair bit of mentoring and hand holding to make sure people know the ropes as best they can.

If any of that interests you, hop into “TDSIN Recruitment” channel in game and come have a chat!

Here’s the link to our recruitment post on the forums for the whole spiel:

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Hey NxCrewRambo,

You sound like you could fit right in with us.

We are a c2 5/0.0 wh pvp corp.

Come join boohoo channel in game for a chat :slight_smile:

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums


We are Recruiting.Pvpers/PvE/iNDUSTRY
In Game Chanel - Cartel.Pub
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ We are Invidia Gloriae Comes
✪ Member of The Imperium
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ Be A Good Earner For The Family
✪ Period Basis / Delve
✪ Free Ships/BPO/BPC To Use
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ Team Speak/Discord
✪ Fleets in ENG/FR/GER


Why do I associate your name with titans and yoloing ?

Hi m8

well we are as small you can get.

we are totally indepedent and we try to kill what ever we can our hands on.

for more information make sure to check us out.


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