Wormhole Indy Vet Looking for Corp

Hey I have been living in wormholes for years been with some great groups and just now returning to the game. I am mainly an indy player and love doing T3 production and pumping isk in the corp doing indy and what not. Im looking for a wormhole corp preferably that may want to work with my niche and what I love doing. I can fly logi and most wormhole comps for PVP not honetly the best at PVP.

Bob’s Bait and Tackle is a small corp just starting out in a c2 - C3/Hs. We have some indy focused players in the corp who are interested in the same you mention. Drop in our discord and ask for Tomb, Rico, or Gully.


not a Wh corp but maby a fit :smiley:

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