Two Players Looking For WH/NS Large Corp (Please Read)


My friend and I are newer players (although my friend is quite good) and we have been lving in a wormhole with a decent group of people for some time, doing the rounds and growing fat. We are looking for another Wormhole corp that preferrably has a C3 Static, but most importantly friendly people who aren’t super interested in “kill boards” over fun and exploration!

We are interested in all avenues of the game, from fleeting up for pvp all the way to general ratting and route scanning for the corp. We are interested in a larger community, preferably with some Australian players, or players closer to that timezone, as that is where we are from.

Basically, friendly people, the opportunity to learn, earn and grow with a nice community that lives inside a good WH or decent NS area.

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Althow we are no wh we are nullsec
plz come to our discord and talk to one of our recruiters.

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,

I think we can offer just what you’re looking for in null sec, good space, decent bunch of people to hang out with and we are looking at playing with a wormhole so you may also get to continue that side of eve as well.

Hit me up for a convo in game - Beware Dogs - or on Discord
Running with Dogs

Hey, Gidelia
Come check us out!
I think we have what you are looking for! plus we have a few EUTZers!
we are a small group of dudes but super competent in our gameplay and we love to chill on coms and play some eve while hanging out.
Hope to hear from you, See you in space!

Your first mistake was asking people to read.

Everyone just sees “looking for corp” and copy pastes their some routine. Some advice, dont join people looking to get fat with just numbers :wink:
Good luck and hope you find what you’re looking for.