[CYPTA] Cryptopia Recruitment Drive: From Ashes to Aspirations in J-Space!

Greetings, esteemed capsuleers of New Eden and Anoikis!

From the depths of a resource-rich C2 PI hole, Cryptopia beckons! Embark on a journey with us, but first a tale of our storied past:

A long time ago, in the vast stretches of J-space, a nascent pilot, destined to become our CEO, found themselves thrust into the political whirlwind of a C5 wormhole group just 26 days into their piloting odyssey. Fate, always unpredictable, placed this rookie at the epicenter of leadership while storms of alliances and rivalries brewed around. From navigating the intricate passages of a C4 to boldly diving into the complexities of fuel block production in Anoikis, no challenge was too daunting. Yet, even amidst the stars, shadows of betrayal loomed large, causing the fall of what was shaping up to be a legendary empire.

But, as they say, stars shine brightest in the darkest of nights. Molded by trials and tribulations, Cryptopia now charts a visionary path forward. Our history, while marked with challenges, has only fortified our collective spirit. As we anchor ourselves in our present alliance PI hole, our eyes are firmly fixed on the cosmos, dreaming of our next fortress — the Cryptopia-II station.

What We Seek in Our Teammates:

  • Clear English Communication: Articulate and comprehensible on TeamSpeak.
  • Team Synergy: Engage with tools such as Tripwire, actively scan, fleet up, and share intelligence.
  • Operational Versatility: Cultivate at least two characters within the corp for heightened effectiveness.
    Financial Commitment: There are no activity taxes. A one-time 200M ISK joining fee covers both your first and final months. Monthly thereafter, a flat 100M ISK contribution is expected.
    Non-Exclusive Ethos: Our doors are open to all, with no rigid requirements on activity, skill points, or account status.

The Cryptopia Experience:

  • Galactic Adventures: Launch into daily J-space voyages from our C2 nexus and chart your own trajectory, whether it’s PvP, PvE, or Indy. Your playground is New Eden and Anoikis!
  • Emerging Facilities: Benefit from our expanding suite of services, including clone bays, reprocessing, hybrid reactions, and exceptional PI. As our membership grows, so will our offerings.
  • Mentorship & Induction: Whether you’re a veteran or new to the game, team up with our experienced wormholers. If you are a new player and the buy-in seems steep, feel free to fleet up for opportunities to earn ISK in J-space! Upon formally joining, you’ll also enjoy comprehensive docking rights.
  • Joint Ventures: For those who are interested in experimenting with the corp projects feature, the plan is to build an Astrahus!

Embarking on the Cryptopia Voyage:

  1. Initial Greetings: Introduce yourself in the Cryptopia public channel or Discord Discord.
  2. Synchronize Profiles: Connect your primary and secondary characters.
  3. Formalize Interest: Forward your official application.

Together, let’s sculpt an iconic narrative in J-space, enriching Cryptopia’s storied tapestry. Ascend with us, transitioning from bygone challenges to celestial triumphs!

(Please also feel free free to participate in the discussion thread!)

Attention capsuleers! Cryptopia is still actively seeking enthusiastic pilots ready to shape the future of J-space with us. From robust galactic adventures to hands-on mentorship for newcomers, Cryptopia offers a unique blend of camaraderie and exploration. If you’re ready to chart a course for celestial triumphs, get in touch today and embark on an unforgettable journey. Check our original post for more details on how to join us!

Cryptopia is on the hunt for daring souls skilled with probe scanners and fueled by curiosity. J-space teems with uncharted data and relic sites. To highlight the potential rewards, I recently uncovered a gem of a relic site in our home hole, boasting over 35M in treasures.

The heart of Cryptopia beats with exploration, and we’re extending an invitation to those who share this passion. If you’re an experienced explorer seeking a new frontier or an eager novice aiming to learn the ropes, your skills are in high demand here.

Join us at Cryptopia, chart the vast expanse, and contribute to our daily mapping adventures. We’re not just looking for explorers; we’re looking for the best, or those who want to be the best. Is that you? Dive in and let’s discover the hidden riches of Anoikis together!

Hello fellow capsuleers,

We’re still on the lookout for pilots to join our ranks. If you’ve got the passion and the skills, we want you!

On another note, we’re making changes to our financial structure. While we’ve operated on a flat fee system—which, for many, means keeping a larger portion of their hard-earned rewards—feedback has steered us towards activity-based taxes. We’ve always valued feedback and aim to align with the community’s preferences. There’s merit in adopting more conventional systems when they align with the majority’s wishes.

Join us, not just to fly but to shape our collective future!

Fly safe!

Greetings, Esteemed Capsuleers of Anoikis and New Eden!

The vast expanse of J-space beckons, a land where heroes are forged and legends arise. As the cosmos stretches endlessly, so does our ambition. Today, we embark on a challenge unparalleled, a venture of cosmic proportions - the construction of an Astrahus Citadel, entirely from scratch. This is not just a testament to our prowess and unity, but a beacon of hope in the cold, dark vastness of space.

For those adventurous souls longing for epic tales and grand sagas, corp projects offer an unmatched opportunity. While the universe itself might seem indifferent to our endeavors, we, as Cryptopia, seek to celebrate every pilot’s dedication. Engage in these celestial missions, and not only will you experience the thrill of collective achievement but also earn resplendent medals, symbols of honor and recognition within our ranks.

Here’s Why You Should Join the Astrahus Odyssey

  1. Epic Narratives: The project descriptions are not mere instructions. They are sagas, hymns, and tales of our journey, making even the most mundane mining mission feel like a grand quest.
  2. Overabundance of Resources: The wormholes overflow with bounty. At times, there’s more ore than even I can mine. This abundance ensures that every participant, from seasoned miner to budding industrialist, has ample opportunities to contribute.
  3. Medals of Honor: As a mark of gratitude and recognition, exclusive medals will be awarded to those who champion these projects, a tangible testament to their dedication and valor.
  4. Experiment with Corp Projects: This is your chance to be at the forefront, experimenting with a novel game feature. Dive into the intricacies, share feedback, and help sculpt its future within Cryptopia.
  5. Unity in Endeavor: Participate in corp projects and strengthen the ties that bind us. Forge new alliances, mentor newcomers, and build an Astrahus together, brick by brick, ore by ore.

To the pioneers, the dreamers, the miners, and the builders - this is your clarion call. Dive into the corp projects, experience their allure firsthand, and etch your name in Cryptopia’s annals. Let’s ascend together, from aspirations in the stars to the reality of our Astrahus Citadel!

Engage! Contribute! Triumph!

Greetings, Esteemed Capsuleers of Anoikis and New Eden!

Exciting times are upon Cryptopia! We are expanding our operations and staking our claim in a C3 wormhole with a HS static. This isn’t just about resource acquisition or simple exploration. This is a call to arms!

The High-Sec Challenge: With our new HS static, we anticipate confrontations with those audacious high-sec entities who dare to venture into our domain. These would-be invaders shall be met with force, strategy, and the combined might of Cryptopia!

Why Join Us Now?

  1. Strategic Positioning: A C3 with a HS static offers a unique blend of both isolation and connectivity. You’re one jump away from the bustling hubs of high-sec, while residing in the lucrative depths of wormhole space.
  2. Engage in Meaningful PvP: Defend our home against high-sec raiders and make a statement that Cryptopia is not to be trifled with.
  3. A Community That Fights Together: Our strength is in our unity. Stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow pilots, sharing knowledge, tactics, and the thrill of victory.

If you’ve ever dreamt of challenging the status quo, of being part of a team that stands against the tide, Cryptopia is where you need to be. Join us as we carve out our space, defend our territory, and show the high-sec denizens the might of wormhole dwellers!

Interested pilots, reach out. To those who’ve been watching from the shadows, now is your moment. Let’s write the next chapter of Cryptopia’s legacy together!

Fly daringly! Defend fiercely!

Greetings, Stellar Trailblazers of Anoikis and New Eden!

We recently experienced the highs and lows that the volatile expanse of wormhole space has to offer. As we set out to anchor our foundation in a C3 with an HS static, fate threw a wrench in our plans. Just as we neared the final stages, a tenacious fleet of Kikimoras, Deacons, and an Orthrus arrived, setting our structure ablaze with a mere five minutes left to power on. An intense dance of tactics and firepower ensued.

This isn’t just a testament to the unpredictability of wormhole life; it’s a learning curve, a wake-up call. While I acknowledge that I could have coordinated better with our alliance, it highlighted an important aspect – we need more hands on deck. We need pilots who are dedicated, skilled, and eager to contribute to home defense.

Why Stand With Cryptopia Now?

  • Rebuilding and Defending: Setbacks only serve to strengthen our resolve. Be a part of the recovery, the restructuring, and the retaliation.
  • Home Defense: Our strength will be defined by our ability to defend our home. Play a pivotal role in ensuring Cryptopia’s domain remains unassailable.
  • Collective Vigilance: Our success lies in numbers, strategy, and unity. Stand united with a community that thrives on camaraderie, knowledge-sharing, and the thrill of the fight. This episode has cemented the fact that wormhole life is unpredictable. It’s filled with twists and turns, but it’s the challenges that make it worth the while. And, as always, every challenge presents an opportunity.

To the aspiring pilots, the brave souls, and those who believe in the might of collective strength, Cryptopia beckons. Let’s unite, rebuild, and ensure that the next chapter in our story is one of victory and resilience.

Fly with conviction! Defend with passion!

Greetings, Esteemed Capsuleers!

Giving this post a gentle bump as Cryptopia continues its search for dedicated pilots.

  • Do you always fleet up when undocking?
  • Are you comfortable and active on comms, sharing insights and forging connections?
  • Got the spirit to give a good fight and establish respect in J-space?
  • Understand the importance of precision in bookmarking?
  • Willing to keep Tripwire diligently updated?

If the above sounds like you, then you’re the pilot we’re eagerly searching for. Join our ranks, and let’s craft legendary tales of space exploration together.

Fly safe, aim high, and together, let’s make our mark in Anoikis!

Greetings, Capsuleers of Anoikis and New Eden!

Just giving our recruitment post a gentle push to the top. If you’re a returning player finding your way back to the vast expanses of space, Cryptopia might just be the ideal place for you to get back in the groove. Reacclimatize to the game in a supportive environment, while experiencing the intricacies and thrill of wormhole life.

Remember, J-space is filled with both challenges and opportunities. With Cryptopia by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate both. Let’s explore the cosmos together and create new legends in the heart of wormholes.

Fly safe and hope to see many of you soon in our ranks!

Greetings, Esteemed Capsuleers of New Eden and Anoikis!

We’re proud to announce that Cryptopia has just awarded its very first “Project Planet” medal, recognizing outstanding participation in our corporation projects. While our stellar crew dedicates themselves selflessly, not merely for accolades but for the collective growth, we believe in celebrating every achievement and effort.

Join us if you’re someone who values both camaraderie and the thrill of being recognized for your contributions. Whether you’re driven by teamwork, individual pursuits, or those gleaming medals, there’s a place for you in our ranks. Dive into exciting corp projects and experience the satisfaction of contributing to a collective vision.

Fly with Cryptopia. Where your efforts aren’t just noticed, they’re celebrated!

Hello, Esteemed Capsuleers of the cosmos!

Exciting times in Cryptopia! We’ve just celebrated the awarding of our second “Project Planet” medal and have had the honor of bestowing the first-ever “Project Star” accolade to a deserving member. These medals aren’t just pieces of virtual recognition- they symbolize the dedication, teamwork, and excellence that define our members.

Ever thought of being a part of a group where your endeavors shine brightly? Where your commitment gets the recognition it deserves? Look no further. Cryptopia is not just a corp- it’s a family that values every small and big effort.

Join our journey. In Cryptopia, every pilot is a star waiting to shine!

Greetings, Intrepid Explorers of the Stars!

As we traverse the boundless expanses of the cosmos, Cryptopia remains steadfast in its commitment to recognize the unwavering dedication and exemplary efforts of its members. With immense pride, we announce the retroactive conferral of the esteemed “Project Constellation” medal. This accolade serves to honor those who’ve made significant contributions to our collective corp projects, transcending the limitations of the current corp system.

The “Project Constellation” Medal is not just a badge—it’s a tribute to the individual who, above all, has made monumental contributions to a series of related corp endeavors.

Considering becoming part of a group that genuinely values your vision and hard work? Your search ends here. At Cryptopia, nestled deep within our wormhole haven, our mission transcends mere resource acquisition or battles. It’s a venture into crafting a lasting legacy, star by star.

Join Cryptopia — where your dedication isn’t just acknowledged; it’s revered. Here, every pilot isn’t merely a star but a beacon in the vast celestial tapestry.

Fly safe and let your aspirations soar!

Greetings, Stellar Navigators and Wormhole Wanderers!

As Cryptopia sails through the vast unknown, we find moments to pause and appreciate the shining stars within our ranks. With elation, we’re thrilled to also announce the retroactive awarding of another prestigious accolade – the “Project Galaxy” medal. This commendation is specially reserved for those extraordinary individuals who’ve singlehandedly championed a suite of corp projects or made an equivalently momentous contribution.

While the “Project Galaxy” Medal might sound like an astronomical feat, it’s a testament to what passion, dedication, and collaboration can achieve. While we’re not entirely sure if such unparalleled dedication can be replicated, it fills our heart with hope and excitement for the future.

Are you in pursuit of a corp that elevates your endeavors and celebrates your every milestone? Look no further. In Cryptopia, our wormhole sanctuary is about more than just skirmishes or treasure hunts. We are in the business of forging legacies, one cosmic endeavor at a time.

Embark on a journey with Cryptopia, where every pilot’s effort isn’t just recognized but held in the highest esteem. In our galaxy, every pilot is not just a twinkling star but a luminous galaxy, each with its own unique story.

Here’s to venturing into the unknown with audacity and ambition! Fly safe and aim for the galaxies beyond!

Good day, capsuleers! Let me spin you a tale from our latest escapade out of J-space.

We had just emerged from our low security static when D-scan picked up a Porpoise and Viator. With no other soul in local, our curiosity piqued, and a quick combat scan later, there they were, nestled inside a POS - and one with no guns, to our delight.

Eager for some action, we unleashed our firepower on the POS. Just as we began daydreaming of a quick raid, the infamous reinforcement timer reared its head. Ah, strontium!

We weren’t ones to give up, so upon our return, we noticed the ships had made their exit, but our resolve to finish the bash stood firm. We continued the bash with a Kikimora and another, cloaked mystery ship.

Then, the suspense heightened. A Tengu warped in, meandering close to the POS, only to warp away without firing a single shot. Was it intimidated? Did it have an ill-suited fit for combat? Or perhaps it just wanted to spectate? A riddle we’ll probably never decipher.

In due time, our reinforcements streamed in, ensuring the POS bash concluded smoothly. We had hoped the owners might drop by, offering a spirited defense and some exhilarating combat, but alas, it was not to be. Nevertheless, mission accomplished, even without a grand prize at the end.

Looking for excitement, the unpredictable, and stories of space adventure? Join Cryptopia as we dive into the mysteries and surprises of J-space. Who knows what the next static will bring?

Fly safe, and may the stars guide you to us!

Bump from the Depths: Ice, Intrigue, and Intrepid Endeavors in J-Space

Capsuleers, are you ready for a tale of ice and fire? Today’s story is chiseled from the cold, hard asteroids of shattered wormholes and the burning desire for adventure.

In my previous command, we set our sights on fuel block production, a bold move considering the scarcity of ice in J-space. But where there’s a will, there’s a wormhole, and shattered ones became our frosty playground.

Ice Mining in the Shattered Realms

Extracting ice from these chaotic chasms was no easy feat, but the thrill was unmatched. We’ve had our ships bubble-trapped by interdictors, sure, but we’ve also had our serene moments, mining away in peace, collecting over 400 ice blocks on a good day.

Cryptopia: A Call for the Bold

Now, in Cryptopia, we’re beckoning those with a taste for the unconventional. If the thought of chipping away at ice under the shadow of danger excites you, this is your calling.

Mining ice in shattered wormholes is an odd beast—half the time, you’re dancing with the unknown, and the other half, you’re feasting on a glacial buffet. It’s strange, it’s risky, but by the stars, it’s fun!

And let’s talk about fights. We’re not just about the ice; we’re here for the fire, too. We’re seeking pilots who are ready to give as good as they get, whether it’s defending our icy treasure or springing a trap with our bait mining fits.

Be Part of the Cryptopia Story

Join us in Cryptopia, where your courage will be rewarded with camaraderie, combat, and, yes, copious amounts of ice. Be one of the valiant, the vigilant, the vanguard of our wormhole escapades.

Reach out today and become a part of our lore. We’ve got the ice, the fits, and the will to fight. All we need is you.

Fly dangerous, fly with purpose, fly with Cryptopia!

Bump from the Beyond: Fleet Mining, Rapid Response, and Rich Rewards in Cryptopia

Attention, Starfarers and Prospectors of New Eden!

Cryptopia’s latest ventures have seen us navigating the lowsec statics for fleet mining operations that blend the rush of exploration with the satisfaction of resource harvesting. Here’s the latest intel from our deep-space exploits:

Fleet Operations with a Twist

Our mining fleets, bolstered by Covetors and bolstering boosts, have been churning through belts with precision and camaraderie. The ore clatters in the hold, the lasers hum in harmony, and spirits soar as we collectively gather the bounty of space.

Rapid Response Ready

Always on guard, our rapid response fleet stands at the ready, a silent sentinel against the unpredictability of space. We’re not just mining; we’re making a statement. In Cryptopia, we mine with purpose and protection.

Effortless Economy

Our miners focus on what they do best, while we handle the economics. Deliver your haul to our station, and enjoy an instant 90% Jita buyback. Your time in the wormhole should be spent on operations that thrill you, not on market hub logistics.

Valuable Ventures

We’re not just scraping rock; we’re after the good stuff. Lowsec dark ochre fills our holds, and when the stars align, we plunge into null for that sweet, sweet mercoxit. Our hauls aren’t just profitable; they’re a testament to our ambition and strategy.

Join the Cryptopia Mining Revolution

If you’ve got an itch for mining mixed with a dash of adventure, Cryptopia is your destination. We offer the full package: community, protection, and profit.

Today’s bump isn’t just a call to action; it’s an invitation to a lifestyle. In Cryptopia, we’re a family. We work together, we protect each other, and we share the spoils of our labor.

Enlist today, and let’s carve out wealth from the stars together!

Greetings, Capsuleers of Anoikis and New Eden!

Exciting developments are unfolding for Cryptopia! We’ve recently established ourselves in a vanilla C4 with C3 and C4 statics, opening a new chapter for our corporation. Our strategic move not only expands our operational territory but also cements our commitment to exploration and community growth.

We are thrilled to maintain our unlimited access to the alliance C2 with LS and C2 statics, ensuring diverse and dynamic gameplay for all our members. With this expansion, we are proud to announce that our community has grown to over a dozen dedicated humans plus alts, and we’re eager to welcome more into our ranks.

In order to sustain our new home and the services that come with it, we’ve had a thorough discussion with our active core members. The consensus is clear: a simple and fair monthly flat fee of 100M ISK or 5000 fuel blocks is the most straightforward way to share the fuel costs for three structures with full services. This collective contribution ensures that we can offer top-tier facilities to our members without unnecessary complexity, totaling just over 1B ISK monthly for fuel.

By choosing Cryptopia, you’re not just joining a corporation; you’re becoming part of a close-knit community. A community that values every member’s contribution and strives to provide a supportive and enjoyable experience for all its pilots. Whether you’re an explorer, PvP ace, PvE enthusiast, miner or an industrialist there’s a place for you here.

We invite you to join us in J132152, as we continue to explore the depths of wormhole space and the potential it holds. With your help, we can fortify our position and make our mark in the cosmos.

Fly dangerous and carve your legacy with us!

Howdy Yall!

I’m Zhoggoth, Cryptopia’s new recruiter!

We are seeking new members and we have a lot to offer! The TL;DR is this: we’re here to make money and blow up ships. If you want to make money and blow up ships, then Cryptopia is the corporation for you.

How to join
Send me a mail ingame, PM me, join the “Cryptopia” chat channel ingame, or drop into our Discord to schedule an interview. You can also join us in Teamspeak at the following server: ts10.gameservers.com:9111

About us

We have members in the USTZ and in the EUTZ.

We are a C4 wormhole corporation focused on PVP with a C3 static and a C4 static. We have no shortage of gas to huff, no shortage of combat anomalies and no shortage of ore to mine.

We have a few structures that enable us to manufacture, refine gas and mount a defense against would-be attackers.

Corporate Buyback
We offer a corporate buyback of 90% of Jita buy price. Sell your loot, gas, ore or whatever you don’t feel like hauling back to the major trade hubs risk-free with our corporate buyback.

We are a small corporation with experienced players looking to teach. Whether or not you’re a bitter vet or an eager newbro seeking to learn, we are seeking your application!

Membership requirements

  • We ask for a 150 million isk payment per month for the cost of fuel blocks to fuel our structures. The first month requires a 300 million isk payment for first and last month.
  • We ask that all players have two toons in the corporation. This is to deter spies and allow for members to seed our hole with a scanning alt in the event you ever get rolled out or stuck outside.
  • We utilize Teamspeak as our main means of communication. It is simple to setup and requires no account.
  • We request an interview with all potential applicants to see if they’d be a good fit for the corporation.

and in case all of that convinced you to see what we’re about, I’ll drop the how to join again here at the bottom:
How to join
Send me a mail ingame, PM me, join the “Cryptopia” chat channel ingame, or drop into our Discord to schedule an interview. You can also join us in Teamspeak at the following server: ts10.gameservers.com:9111

We are still recruiting and eagerly looking for new members!

Just last Friday we went on a roam with our members into Null-sec and aimed to take down as many ships as we could! Overall the operation was a success. Come join us to participate in our roaming fleets! There’s also plenty of gas and killing to be had in our wormhole chain!