Returning player; 40M and a 30M Skill point toon

Greetings Lord Hurin,

Welcome back to the vast expanses of New Eden after such a long hiatus! It’s always great to see a seasoned pilot return to the stars.

Cryptopia might be the perfect haven for you. While we don’t cook up any “meth,” we’re knee-deep in the equally fascinating world of gas reactions within the confines of our wormhole home. It’s an endeavor that offers both intrigue and bountiful rewards. And of course, there’s plenty of PvE opportunities and the occasional wormhole-based ratting to keep you engaged.

Balancing real life and EVE, especially with three young adventurers at home, is something we respect and understand. Our environment is relaxed, allowing you to delve into the game at your own pace. Roleplaying is certainly a flavor we can appreciate, and while it may not be our main dish, there’s always room to incorporate it more. The corporation has a storied history, and it is rebuilding.

So, if the idea of wormhole life combined with your love for gas reactions sounds enticing, Cryptopia would be thrilled to have you. Feel free to drop by our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia. Journey with us, and let’s weave new tales amidst the celestial wonders of Anoikis!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia