Returning Player / 64mil SP looking for US/AU TZ

Hello Karni Ion,

Welcome back to New Eden! Your versatile availability across both AU and US time zones is indeed an asset, and your goals align wonderfully with our vision at Cryptopia.

While we are a smaller corp, we see this as an opportunity for you – a chance to be a core part of our growth rather than just a number in a massive conglomerate. You won’t get lost in the crowd with us; every member is recognized, valued, and plays a crucial role in our collective journey.

Your PvP/PvE inclination fits perfectly into our operations from our C2 PI hole, where we routinely engage in both skirmishes and exploration. As you reacclimate to the PvP environment, know that our experienced players are here to help guide and support you.

As for your aspirations in logistics, larger ships, and cap fleets, these align with where we see Cryptopia heading. While we’re in the process of establishing more structured programs, your enthusiasm could be the spark that ignites this progression faster! We’re open to exploring a cap training initiative, especially with dedicated pilots like you on board.

I invite you to chat with us more about your goals and how we can align our visions for EVE. Join our Cryptopia public channel or our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia and let’s discuss the future.

Fly brave, Karni Ion. Let’s build, learn, and grow together.

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia