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Hello Pocket Ninja,

Welcome back to the vast cosmos of New Eden! It’s always great to see veterans returning to the fold. While Cryptopia doesn’t directly operate out of a Keepstar in the Vale of the Silent, our wormhole-based operations could offer you unique opportunities to both PvP and PvE, coupled with the camaraderie and mentorship of seasoned wormholers.

A few reasons to consider us:

  1. Update Catch-up: We have several experienced players who keep abreast of the latest updates and metas. They’d be more than happy to bring you up to speed on what you’ve missed and how to navigate the new landscape.
  2. PvP & PvE Synergy: Cryptopia thrives on daily J-space adventures, ensuring you have ample opportunities to engage in both PvP and PvE activities. Not to mention, wormhole space can be very lucrative!
  3. Community & Mentorship: Whether you’re a veteran returning after a hiatus or a new pilot finding their way, our corp focuses on building strong relationships and fostering a nurturing environment.

If branching out from the Vale of the Silent and exploring the mysteries of J-space intrigues you, I’d love to chat further. Feel free to say hi in Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia! Alternatively, if your heart is set on the Vale, I hope you find the perfect match and wish you the best in your adventures!

Fly safe, and may the stars guide you!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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