[EU/US] Community of Practice Wormhole Corp: Astra Telepathica (420 million isk bounty for suitable WH for permanent home)

Fun, Real life comes first, Learning-oriented startup wormhole corporation.

Attention all solo explorers and miners interested in Wormholes! Astra Telepathica welcomes new members into a fun community centered on learning about wormhole space. When you join us, you are not a faceless line member, but a crucial founding member, with a direct impact on the success of our enterprise.

Currently seeking capsuleers who are excited by the thrill of being a founding member of a startup corp. New and veteran players all welcome! We welcome players who wish to learn by doing, and we have open roles for players who wish to expand into leadership roles.

Our Mission: Rooting Out the Corruption of Idleness
We are strictly anti-botting, and will take aim at disrupting botting - the use of Abominable Intelligence is the highest form of heresy. We are strictly anti-renting of sovereign space. Renting is exploitation of renters’ labor value and a transfer of wealth from small entities to large landowners. Large empires make gains with no work, leading to further consolidation of power and an entrenchment of the status quo. Exploitation of individuals and smaller groups by large coalitions is heresy. The long term goal is to collect intel and build dossiers of existing empires that have botters and renters, and to prepare for bringing holy fire to burn the heretic scum.

Joining Astra Telepathica
We are a startup corporation operating in a C2 Wormhole to provide a pathway for alpha players to grow: from finishing the tutorial to becoming wormhole explorers (or pirates) and the thrill of being a founding member of a corporation. We approach learning through a community of practice, where novices are given agency to work directly with expert players in order to cultivate an excellent learning environment.

We are currently based in a C2 wormhole with Arnon as our main office. We are seeking a C2 with a Nullsec static for a permanent home. Current bounty for suitable wormhole is 420 million isk, to be paid when we anchor in the wormhole discovered by our explorer members.

K-space Activities:

  • Ice / Ore mining,
  • Missions,
  • Abyssals,
  • Dueling Club,
  • Filament Nano Roams in Null

Wormhole Activites:

  • Daytripping,
  • Gas huffing with buyback,
  • Reactions,
  • Combat sites

Discord (no mic is ok) for pings and operations
Fun first attitude
New Player friendly
Willingness to learn together

For Further Information and An Informal Chat,
Contact Decius Abraxas, Neoluminae Chan, Jason Thatcher, iNeo Anderson or Merlin the Wise in-game and come hang out on our discord

By the Light of the Astronomican,

Decius Abraxas

Still seeking more members! :slight_smile:

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