[US/AUTZ] Astra Telepathica: Come Learn with us as we transition from HiSec to Wormhole space

Astra Telepathica
Come chat with us at our public in-game resource channel: The Scholastica Psykana

We are a startup corporation operating in Minmatar Republic space to provide a pathway for alpha players to grow: from finishing the tutorial to becoming wormhole explorers (or pirates) and the thrill of being a founding member of a corporation. We have recently linked up with the of the Game Theory Empire Alliance, in order to further our goals to explore and document wormhole space with fresh eyes.

Our goal is to collect and share useful information for all, and to cultivate an excellent learning enviornment as we explore the mysteries of New Eden.

Current Content and Supports in Astra Telepathica:

Primaris Battle-Psyker: Combat Training

  • Mission running
  • Abyssal (group and solo)
  • Skillplans to train efficiently for combat
  • Tested fits for alpha clones
  • Goal: Practice small scale pvp via faction warfare

Navigator: Exploration

  • Wormhole exploration
  • Ninja gas huffing
  • Use curiated guides to become self isk-efficient
  • Ongoing diplomatic efforts for sightseeing monuments from World War Bee II in null security space
  • Goal: Exploration and discovery of lore and survival tactics in wormholes

Librarian/Astropath: Communications

  • Meta exploration: efficiently index existing up-to-date information and on combat and exploration
  • Document politics/events between powerful entities from a new player perspective (Journalist RP)
  • Discuss lore discoveries (Archaeology RP)
  • Relatively new players form up the core founding members. This allows for everyone to become experts together, where we can research and discuss all topics with curiosity but no judgement.
  • Goal: content for new players, by new players. Let veterans of New Eden see this star cluster through fresh eyes.

All inquisitive and resourceful capsuleers learning about New Eden are welcome.
We encourage alpha clones to apply.
Come join a community of learners!

Recruiters: Decius Abraxas, Tai Sin Wong.

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