US TZ C2 Wormhole start up Need Founders, Ideas welcome

Hey there everyone,
I am starting a wormhole corp up in a C2. I am building a corp to take in new players to wormhole space and therefore do not want to move to a higher class wormhole.

Us TZ - Central & Eastern

I need guys looking to build something bigger than themselves. Guys that want to help new players and show off how well adapted to EVE you are.
I’m looking for help to run a corporation. I do not want to run it solo. I’m thinking of a “Knights of the Round Table,” where direction is discussed. Drama can be stamped out. processes and content can be welded together from more than just one viewpoint.

If you love Eve, and want to build something… here is your platform. Mail me ingame or reply here if you are interested in talking about this.
Thank you for reading.

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How many people you have in your corp?

22 or so, but only 10 online at prime time right now. Few players work in different time zones.

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I am out to eat when I get home I will contact you

Sure thing, mail me in game or ping here and I’ll get in coms

Trying to get a hold of u in game

What will be the focus of the corp? PvP, Indy, PvE Explo etc.
What timezone are you in?

Thanks for the response, The timezone we are in is US Mountain/eastern. The focus is on everything wormholes. from PVP to PVE. As of now, I would like to see three fleets a day being ran. One will be the PVE, PVP, and then a mining/gathering fleet.

That said, there should also be different processes for manufacturing t3s, or running PI chains.

*I’m ADD as ■■■■, so I like to change it up.

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need one or two more.

Do you have a long term goal besides teaching new people to live in WHs? You said you do not want to move to a higher class wh, is that just for right now or you never want to move up? Im interested but I would want to join a corp who has a long term goal of progressing, as in bigger WHs, more WHs, sov, etc.

I don’t see the point of moving up. You can’t bring in new players to c5’s. Due to the “bringing in new players to wormhole space” aspect of this corp, I have no plans to move to a higher class wormhole. zero reason to do-so.

since we base from a c2, we explore the chains and run sites in other wormholes. The long term goal is to bring new players into wormhole space, forever. and ever. with no plans of ever stopping.

So you bring in new players, but when they decide they want to do something more than a C2 they have to leave? Sounds like youre more of a transitionary corp. an easy access wormhole is great for bringing in new members, but your corpmates wont all be new players forever. Which is fine if that is your goal, but with no aspirations youll likely see experienced players leave while new ones join

Players are free to come and go. An astute observation. Although in practice what happens is that those new players become vets, then end up staying. New players are brought into the wormhole in “classes” some leave, others stay. more stay than those who leave. There is no iron fist here. only available content and those that wish to seek it out while talking eve mechanics, improving fits, learning pvp, making isk.

This will be the third round of SUB Inc. beginning new “class”

Edit* No one stays in a c2… they are taught to explore the chains, darken wormholes, use scouts and so on. We primarily run c4-5 sites daily

Doesnt sound like youre for me, but I wish you the best of luck

I think we both knew it would come to this.

I’d like to join.