Wormhole start up. Need partners. Ideas welcome

Hey there guys,
It’s exactly as the title states. I am starting a wormhole corp up in a C2. I am building a corp to take in new players to wormhole space and therefore do not want to move to a higher class wormhole.
I need guys looking to build something bigger than themselves. Guys that want to help new players and show off how well adapted to EVE you are.
I’m looking for help to run a corporation. I do not want to run it solo. I’m thinking of a Knights of the round table, where direction is discussed. Drama can be stamped out. processes and content can be welded together from more than just one viewpoint.

If you love Eve, and want to build something… here is your platform. Mail me ingame or reply here if you are interested in talking about this.
Thank you for reading.

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