Returning 185m sp player looking for PVP / PVE

Hey Pinnacle Uisen,

Welcome back to New Eden! Your sentiment resonates deeply with what we’re cultivating at Cryptopia. EVE should always feel like an exhilarating game and never a chore, right?

In our C2 PI hole, you’ll find a balance of lucrative opportunities to build up your ISK reserves and countless chances to splurge them in PvP skirmishes in both K-space and J-space. While we do emphasize contribution, our flat fee system (primarily to share the fuel bill) ensures you’re never anchored to a monthly grind. In fact, one of our prime objectives is to ensure everyone’s enjoying the game on their own terms. We have zero mandatory ops — you won’t find a single alarm clock op here. Play when you wish and how you wish.

The fact that you have an industry alt with an impressive 160m SP is the cherry on top. Whether it’s supporting fleets with logi/fax or delving into industrial pursuits, there’s plenty of scope for both your characters.

Swing by our Cryptopia public channel or delve deeper with us on Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia. Let’s chat about your aspirations, share some tales from the past, and envision a fun-filled future in Cryptopia.

Cheers to treating EVE as the epic game it is and steering clear of the grind!

Best wishes,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia