Looking for a Null-Sec home

Looking for a Null-Sec home. I’m not interested in any of the big blocs. Looking for small and medium-scale PvP as well as PvE. 130m SP main, can fly most sub caps as well as some capitals. EUTZ

Updated. Now also interested in Pirate FW!

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You did not mention on what timezone you are usually online but if you happen to be eutz, maibe our group could fit your style.

If so, stop by for a chat o/

Hi there,

We are a medium sized Corp and focused on null sec PvP of the gang/small fleet variety.

Hit us up for a chat before you make your final decision, it will be worth your time.

Check out our ad -


You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there

if you are not interested in big block warfare maybe an independent pvp group like my alliance could be a good option for you.

if you want to know more about us just have a look at our video below

And if you want to have a chat then join our discord server


“I’m not interested in any of the big blocs. Looking for small and medium-scale PvP”

Hay there my alliance lives out in npc null we have plenty of pew pew if you want it am looking for pvp members to join my corp if your interested join my discord or hit me up in game

Hello come join SOB I’ll be on at 18h00 EU time and chat with us
Curently at work

Still looking for a suitable home

Get in contact with our recruitment team and find out more we live in a nice nul sec area.

Looks like we got you covered.


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