Long time Eve player looking for Corporation

Hello my name is pimps Masterson

I’ve been away from me for about 1.5 years my my previous Corporation I’ve kind of put aside and I’m looking for a group of active people who are comms oriented, i can do many things in even and am not dead weight.

if you have PVE guys and are looking for a good person to join your ranks as a leader to be or just as another guy who is around say hello

thank you for your time everyone

  • 5 accounts
  • capital capable
    -indy,pvp,pve,leadership,some fc experience.
    -eu tz

contact me on pimps masterson in game or discord DM pimpsmasterson


We are a small tight knit eutz group living in null sec, so up here everyone has a thing to say and you won’t have to worry about beeing just another random guy in a group.We are small gang oriented pvp wise, and also we do enjoy running a variety of activities together, or even just chilling on coms if not much happening.I’ve sent added you on discord and i’ll also leave our advert here.



I would love to have a chat with you.

Come stop by our discord

as we are growing we are looking for players like ure self
if you want to have a chat plz hit this link

Hi Pimps,

We are the Corp you are looking for. We are an active, social and casual group and have 10+ high sec moons and you can pretty much do everything in the game from our homebase near Hek. We do occasional PVP and have a high and null sec alliance… we use mumble for comms.
Our thread is here -
⛏ High Sec Mining Corporation - Seeking Miners and Industry Pilots - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation - #26 by Zefo


We are a Nullsec industrial corp based in Querious/Catch under the Dracarys Alliance.

  • Daily R64 Moons
  • Plenty of Anomalies for Ratting/Exploration
  • Daily fleets during CNTZ/EUTZ/USTZ
  • Jump Freight Service direct from Jita.
  • 10mil SP minimum + Good History
  • Participate in 3 Fleets a month (Roams, OPs, CTAs)
  • Discord + Microphone

What we require:

  • Prefered 5mil sp (if your close we can still talk)
  • Ability to participate and follow orders in combat no paps
  • Discord/comms

What we offer:

  • Null non-bloc life
  • SOV in Omist region
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Corp held ops
  • Knowledgeable vets
  • Expansive bpo library to build off copies
  • PvP small gang
  • IRL fitst

Now additional offerings

  • Moon, Ice, ore mining
  • PI, null or wspace access
  • Combat anoms

Join IIAR Pub to chat or mail one of the recruiters.
Join Discord

Looking to merge with other small Indy corps or individuals…

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