Returning payer looking for a corp

60 mil sp with a carrier alt looking for corp. wh or null sec.

Welcome back! We’re always happy to work with returning players and get them back up to speed!

How long have you been away?

We are recruiting Templar are an INIT corp and live in Fountain please take a look at our recruitment post.

:uk: TEMPLAR High Activity Null Sec PvP Corporation - [INIT] - Recruiting Miners, Ratters, Industrialists and Killers! - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

I’m not really sure what your time zone is but if you are looking for a PvP corp that is in Nullsec and not part of the blocks then check us out in Into the Ether.

You can also reach out to me via Discord (starr8912)

Welcome back! We’re an active EU/NATZ nullsec corp that would be worth checking out if you’re looking to engage with some of the upcoming nullsec content in the expansion

hey man. we are Legion Ascending, a null sec corp that is part of the Gentlemen’s Club Alliance. Our corp is industry and PVP focused, looking for more like-minded members to enjoy the game with. Our corp is based on the members, meaning all members have a say in the future of our corp. We all work together toward personal and corp goals. Come have a chat with us and see what you think.

The primary focus of our group is to have fun and maximize the possibility for our pilots to truly enjoy Eve.I am not sure what timezone you are playing the most, since you are lacking some deets about what you are looking for, but yea, we are looking for a few other guys to join us here:


hey dude come check is out. We are out in wh space. You didnt mention your timezone so unsure what time zone ur in.

Welcome back bud am looking for pvp vets to join my corp we use to live in npc.but i decided to get rid of all my alliance station pull back to LowSec and start hitting the other alliance’s where it hurt ther wallet :grinning:… am planning on going down the path of merc alliance with my alliance … we all play for fun and RL comes first there is plenty of pew pew we building forces up if you want more info hop on our discord and have a chat

Check us out by clicking the link below and if your interested in what we have to offer then jump onto our discord for a chat. We would love you talk to you!


I am a member of a null sec corp in NC called Heavy Caliber, and we are actively seeking new members to join us! We are happy to provide support to help you get started.

We offer small to large gang PvP activities such as bombing, blops, industry, and crabbing. We are a group of British players with a few others from around the world! We use Discord and TeamSpeak for communication and enjoy bantering with each other. Most of us have been playing for many years!

We have a great deal of freedom to pursue our own interests, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact others.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me personally on .viryn (you’ll need to add me as a friend first) or you can join our corp Discord Heavy Caliber..

Fly safe! O/

Good evening,

Firstly welcome back the game a lot may have changed but its always fun to return to new things. I am the CEO of Eclipse Strike Unit and we are looking for pilots to join our C2 C5/NS static corp. We are looking to recruit new and experience wormholers for PvP in both NS and Wormhole Space. If your interested in Talking please join our in game Channel Eclipse Recuits or join the Discord for a chat on this link Eclipse Strike Unit