[JCHOS] Jamyls Chosen - Amarr FW - Active PVP - EUTZ/USTZ


Founding member of Clueless Virgins Alliance [EQSUX]

What we can offer

  • Live in one of the highest activity areas in New Eden

  • Fly with veterans of the area, committed to teaching you how to become a feared and respected pilot

  • Weekly Corp Projects that pay lucrative amounts just for being active

  • Abundance of small/medium gang content, with opportunities for larger engagements

  • Access to nearby Nullsec for added ISK generation and fleet content

  • Recruitment incentive scheme - Earn 100million ISK for the first 5 people you recruit to corp, and 50million per person afterwards

What we require from you

  • Positive attitude toward helping both the corporation and its members, as an active, social member.

  • Willingness to contribute toward corp activities

  • No drama, no toxicity, we will absolutely not put up with Racism etc.

  • Working mic to communicate on comms

About us

We’re a newly formed, small group aiming to build a stable presence in the Amarr FW lowsec area. Our leadership has an abundance of experience in this area of space, and know how to take care of its members. We aim to be a semi-casual PVP entity with a positive community and a drive to be the best we can.

We also have close ties to friends in Providence which is situated a few jumps away from our main staging system, which gives members the opportunity to also engage in additional money making activities there, whilst also opening up more avenues of PVP content.

We’re primarily active in mid-late EUTZ, however do have some members active within early USTZ.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to contact one of the listed members below via discord, eve mail or in-game convo. We also encourage you to join our public/recruitment chat in-game, aswell as our discord server.

Recruitment Contacts:

  • Quinlin Harpy (CEO)

  • Jakub Tivianne (Director)

  • Lysander Strontium (Recruiter)

Public Chat: JCHOS Pub

==Click here to join our discord==

Fly safe o7

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Still recruiting!

Come and join us !

Few extras have joined us, you should too! These event sites have brought about quite alot of juicy targets to shoot :slight_smile:

Still recruiting


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