Prayer's & Multifrequency Amarr FW Recruiting


We’re a new Amarr FW group who are pretty unique to everyone else, we not only fight in the warzone but we do other activites such a NS Roams and HS Camps

We are a English speaking corp and play Mid - Late EUTZ / Early USTZ who are new player friendly and will help train up players and teach them the mechanics of lowsec

What We offer:

  • TS & Discord Services
  • SRP on NS Roam’s on ships upto 500m
  • Access to Amarr FW and plenty isk opportunities
  • Occasional Merc content
  • Large Scale fleets cooperating with the rest of amarr fw on the front
  • Delicatable Meme’s
  • Free Skillbooks to new player’s
  • free t1 destroyer’s and frigate’s to plex the warzone and make some Loyalty point’s

What we Require:

Working mic [ that doesn’t sound like a trashcan ]
Willingness to learn and grow with the corp
5M SP Minimum
Discord & Teamspeak 3 to be installed and ready to go along with mumble for Amarr Ops, [ we can help with these ]

If intrested, please join “Prayers Public Church” channel ingame or send myself or XxLocalchatbotxX a mail ingame. o/ Hope to hear from you all and Fly Dangerous because flying safe is for carebears. :slight_smile:

still open for applications

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