Amarr FW Corp Prayers & Multifrequency

Why join us and what we do?

  • PvP Focused Corp with Isk making oppertunitys
  • Based in Amarr and operate in Lowsec
  • PvP Guidance for new players or returning vets
  • Free T1 Frig & Destroyer handouts for running missions & / or running FW sites
  • Drunk & Sober roams typically every weekend with awesome kills with shared loot values
  • LP Guidance and how to make good amounts of ISK within FW.
  • USZT / Late EUTZ Based.

What we Require.

  • A Working Mic and basic knowledge on how to work discord and the eve ui
  • 500k+ SP Characters welcome
  • Spys accepted :white_check_mark:
  • Literally anyone welcome who speaks english :white_check_mark:

To Join us apply ingame or contact either of our recruiters which are: Captain Rogers Mangeiri or XxLocalChatBotxX

When you apply please put in your application description " Applied from Forums"

some of our roam frags: 1 2 3 4
We like too dunk spunk and get hella drunk!

Fly Dangerously Always o7 m8’s


Bump, Recruitment still open my dudes


Recruitment Still open!



Recruitment still open!

Cool group of people to fly with. Anyone without a corp should not hesitate to put in an application.


Recruitment Still open bros!


Daily Bump!


Closed at OP’s polite request.