Hay bud my alliance live out in npc null and am looking for new pvp members to join my corp you will have plenty of pew pew and plenty of people to go and gank if you wish to do so
If you want to have a chat hit me up ingame or jump in our discord
Fly dangerous

This is my alliance :point_right: Come join The expanse and expand your horizons in eveonline

Hey mate, we’re what you looking for but the only problem is we’re amarr FW not minmatar - We’re happy to convert you into a loyal citizen of the empresses navy if that interests you :slight_smile:

Howdy, we are Threat Contained! Made up of bitter vets and Dust514 Mercs currently living in Fountain part of the Initiates with the intent of joining the Initiative.

We are looking for returning vets and new bros looking for the opportunity to PVP and reestablish themselves in the game in an laid back environment. Our alliance offers plenty of opportunities to PVP, rat, plex, and build sh*t to your hearts content.

If interested reply here join “THRT Recruiting” in game.


You might want to have a look at our Corp! We are not doing FW at the moment, but we live in Pochven where we mostly do PvP and also earn our ISK by PvPing. We got a few techies with us so I am sure you can chat with them if you are interrested in that kind of stuff.

Have a look at our recruitement post if you got the time!

I hope to see you around on Discord for a chat o7