290m USTZ Pilot

Dear Dr Chaos,


It’s always a delight to see seasoned pilots with a wealth of experience, such as yourself, exploring opportunities in the vast expanse of New Eden. Your impressive 290m SP and ability to pilot capital ships speaks volumes about your dedication and expertise in EVE.

At Cryptopia, while our home is primarily in J-space, we have plenty of opportunities for adventures all over K-space.

I’d like to emphasize that Cryptopia is built on the principle of respecting individual commitments, both in-game and in real life. We fully understand that real life takes precedence, and as such, we have no mandatory ops. We believe in the spirit of community, where participation is driven by genuine interest and enthusiasm rather than obligation.

Given your expressed interest in low sec and your extensive capabilities, I believe there’s potential for mutually enriching experiences. If the idea of relaxed, commitment-free, and engaging operations appeals to you, please consider Cryptopia as a potential new home.

Feel free to hop into our Cryptopia public channel or join our Discord at CYPTA Cryptopia for a more in-depth conversation.

Safe travels in the cosmos, Dr Chaos. We hope to cross paths with you soon!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

P.S. We have a lowsec static, so there is a new lowsec area to play around in every day!