What We Seek in Our Teammates:

  • Clear English Communication: Articulate and comprehensible on TeamSpeak.
  • Team Synergy: Engage with tools such as Tripwire, actively scan, fleet up, and share intelligence.
  • Operational Versatility: Cultivate at least two characters within the corp for heightened effectiveness.

Non-Exclusive Ethos: Our doors are open to all, with no rigid requirements on activity, skill points, or account status.

The Cryptopia Experience:

  • Galactic Adventures: Launch into daily J-space voyages from our C2 nexus and chart your own trajectory, whether it’s PvP, PvE, or Indy. Your playground is New Eden and Anoikis!
  • Emerging Facilities: Benefit from our expanding suite of services, including clone bays, reprocessing, hybrid reactions, and exceptional PI. As our membership grows, so will our offerings.
  • Mentorship & Induction: Whether you’re a veteran or new to the game, team up with our experienced wormholers. If you are a new player and the buy-in seems steep, feel free to fleet up for opportunities to earn ISK in J-space! Upon formally joining, you’ll also enjoy comprehensive docking rights.
  • Joint Ventures: For those who are interested in experimenting with the corp projects feature, the plan is to build an Astrahus!

Embarking on the Cryptopia Voyage:

  1. Initial Greetings: Introduce yourself in the Cryptopia public channel or Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia .
  2. Synchronize Profiles: Connect your primary and secondary characters.
  3. Formalize Interest: Forward your official application.

Together, let’s sculpt an iconic narrative in J-space, enriching Cryptopia’s storied tapestry. Ascend with us, transitioning from bygone challenges to celestial triumphs!